Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate CS Vaidyanathan, Supreme Court, Delhi: Better Insight of Indian Legal System

Name of the Intern

Siddharth Bansal

Email: [email protected]

Name of the Lawyer

C.S Vaidyanathan, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Delhi.

Team Strength: No Associates, One Secretary, One Court Clerk and 4-5 co- Workers.

Application Process

Through Personal Contacts.

But one can apply and expect reply within 1-2 weeks Depending on availability so it’s advisable to apply 2-3 months prior.

EmailL [email protected]


1st – 21st December


9 am – 5:30 pm.

In case you are asked to report office one can reach by 10am.

Office is walking distance from Hauz Khas metro station.

First Day

The first day is probably one of the only days one feels put-off by the internship.

I was asked to report to Sir’s office at 9.00 pm.

And get pass ready by staff for Supreme Court.

The office has a decent library as well, so I kept myself busy with that for the time being.

Main tasks

He assigned me to prepare case briefings, Research work and synopsis.

Attending Conferences with sir which is the best part of the internship.

Work Environment

The work environment was quite chilled out- almost too chilled out for my liking.

They were approachable and are experienced so one can learn quite a bit from them, special shout out to ‘Ramu Sir’!

Best things

The best thing about the internship was the High Court and Supreme Court.

Besides, there was the cliched  ‘practical knowledge’ that was gained by me by working with Sir.

I didn’t just learn, I grew more. The internship gave me a better insight of Indian Legal System. I enjoyed being treated as a colleague and not as intern.

Sir also took personal interest in the interns and made it a point to meet with us when we came and also once before we went- asking us about the work done during the day.

Bad things

I don’t find any bad thing in this internship.


Rs. 6500 /-

Biggest Lessons

While this might not be the most happening internship that some other places have to offer, it has all the requisites of a good old regular court internship.

Go for it especially if you’re going for to the Supreme Court.

It’ll be worth it!

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