Internship Experience @ Sankhla & Associates, Delhi: Helpful Associates, Lots to Learn

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Sakshi, Dr. RMLNLU, Lucknow

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Sankhla & Associates, Delhi, 11

Application Process

I applied through internship cell of college. they also accept individual application.

Duration of internship and timings

1st May – 26th May, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression was good. we were asked to make research on many different topics. We have to make draft of our research. There is no such rigid formalities we are asked to sit in a room which is for interns but after that Ma’am came to us and assigned us work. infrastructure is also good. there is one room for interns with 2-3 laptop but not in very good condition. you are not allowed to take your laptop.

Main tasks

Main tasks in research related. we are asked to make case sheet, law sheet. research of case laws, materials related to different aspects of law.

For example: Criminal law, CPC, Cr.P.C, Negotiable Instrument Act, dowry related provisions etc. We have to make notes of daily task as you can be questioned by sir at any time whenever he is free.

Work environment and people

Work environment is helpful, interactive and seriousness both. You will get lots of work if you ask for it. people are also so helpful. Ma’am is so nice to interns but sir is strict when it come to work and learning.

All over work environment is good. You cannot take this internship very leniently. Sir is very focused on learning. there is lot of to learn.

Best things

You will learn lot of work. Associates are helpful. You will learn importance of 1 month. You will learn how to be specific to your task like if you are at work, be serious about it. Do not do any work just for the sake of doing.

Bad things

Laptop and desktops are not in good condition and you are also not allowed to take your laptop. So, if there are more intern then you all have to make arrangements yourself so that all will be able to do.



Biggest Lessons

keep your phone aside while at working. you will be doubted to use it for chatting even if you are not doing. be engaged yourself always or show them that you are engaged.

Overall Rating



I stayed in a PG in the same block. It was at walking distance. there are lot of PGs nearby.

Office Timings

You have to be there at 9:30 in morning as you have make entry and if you want to go for court proceedings you may be asked to come little early. leaving time is 7:00. timing were strict.


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