Internship Experience @ Samadhan, NGO, Dehradun: The intern learns the secret of being good

By Rasika Singh of Seedling School of Law and Governance

Place: Samadhan (NGO) Deharadun

Application process is through official mail id- [email protected]

Duration of internship -01th-30th June, 2014

Main tasks: Human rights and women empowerment

Best things:  Transparency and loyalty in the work or you can meet the victim face to face and learn from the real case documentary movie.

Bad things: As about bad thing Samadhan located in the Rajpur road Deharadun [U.K.] so water supply is not good and you have to suffer for it.

Stipend: No stipend

samadhan ngo dehradun internship

SAMADHAN: Is not only the NGO which tell us how to fight for justice; it’s like a family which tell us how to be a good person? How to overcome from your problems? And how to face society with new hope and energy.

I learnt lots from sSmadhan. Every day in Samadhan for me was like new experience it’s just like a new morning with new sunshine. In my whole internship period I learned so many things: It’s not just an internship, it’s a U-turnship.

1. How to manage the situations?

2. How to take decisions?

3. I able to know the reality of society, which tells us: LAW IN BOOKS AND LAW IN ACTION is two different concepts.

4. How to counsel the rape victim or how to make women empower

5. Act of sexual harassment at work place

6. Act on domestic violence etc.

I had done so many field visits: in hospitals, slum areas, civil courts, meeting judges. I also attended many legal awareness camps.

I also came to know how to make Gender Equality and how to remove Gender Discrimination and how to make women strong and empowered.

I don’t know if I was good intern or not for Samadhan but one thing I understand Samadhan told me HOW to become a right and good human and HOW to convert others in to good human.

I love Samadhan and want to go again and again.

The Samadhan website is here.

The Samadhan internship program for law students is here.

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