Internship Experience @ Sakhi Kendra, NGO, Kanpur: Started Gender Equality Campaign {S}

Name of the Intern

Robin Kumar, Amity University, Noida

Internship Experience

My first internship was at NGO because in first year we all didn’t got that amount of knowledge to handle the work of any firm or intern at any court.

The experience at NGO was very good, the environment is friendly, full team cooperate with you, clear all your doubt related to section and article.

There are different department like finance, computer work, and counselling.

The intern basically work with the counselling department where I have to meet the victim and listen to there problem.

The problem can be related to dowry,harassment,teasing and issue related to women.

At the time of my internship there was meetings held related to problem of slum area and how to solve them.

After some day again a meeting was held which highlighted the issue of gender biased discrimination, so our team started the a campaign called Gender Equality.

So basically the work was to listen the problem of victim and attend different issue related meetings held at the NGO.

While interning in an NGO you get to see the suffering of the people and the problems that arise out of many reasons. When you help a victim, the happiness and sense of satisfaction you get is incomparable to anything.

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