Internship Experience @ Sagar Chandra & Associates, Delhi [IPR Law Firm]: Work was Supervised, Learn About Practical Aspects

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ishita Rao, Amity Law School, Jaipur. 4th year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Sagar Chandra & Associates, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

One of my relative assisted me in getting me the internship and was asked to send my resume to their email id

They gave a quick reply of my date of interning.

Duration of internship and timings

1st – 28th June, 2016

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First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The firm basically deals with the matters related to IPR. They welcomed me with a warm gesture. Me and my other co- interns were asked to research on the ongoing matter related to IPR.

The small is not so spacious. But I was quite OK with it.

Main tasks

I was simply devoted to research work.

I was also involved in the various ongoing matters.

They also asked me and my co- interns to prepare a complete data of all the cases related to IPR.

Work environment and people

The environment was very cool and calm.

The associates were very kind and made sure that I was comfortable in the office.

They used to help me throughout my course of internship.

They used to directly supervise my work and helped in understanding every practical aspect in their field.

Best things

The atmosphere was quite relaxed and positive.

The associates used to take out us for lunch and treats.

The associates were friendly.

They used to directly supervise our work, and appreciated for our work.

Bad things

I didn’t find anything bad or negative during my course of internship.


Performance based stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Always enjoy your work and keep yourself updated.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



I stayed in a PG in Lajpar Nagar nearby Moolchand Metro Station. It was convenient for me to travel via metro from Moolchand Metro Station to Huaz Khaz Metro Station where the office was located nearby.

Office Timings

The timings were quite flexible. I was asked to report according to work in the firm. I was also asked to leave early as I was new to the city. Basically, the timings depend upon the amount of work being allotted to you.

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