Internship Experience @ Remfry and Sagar, Gurgaon: Great for IPR Lovers

With the hassle going around with all the college exams and placement issues it’s hard to find time to write about an internship. But when it’s writing about one of the best experiences of your life all things can be set aside.

REMFRY AND SAGAR: Not just a firm, It’s an INSTITUTION.

Procedure for application

Simple and really main-stream.

Apply to their mail id or fill the form given the following webpage HERE.

One very important thing to remember: Apply MONTHS ago and when I say MonthS ago I mean 6-7 months ago.

I applied in the month of January for an internship in the month of August for 4 weeks. (They usually take for 2 weeks or more).

They do get lots of applications for internship so if your C.V. is res ipsa loquitur then be sure to get a call for the interview which can be after a few months of applying (I got the call in March).

The Partner designate for corporate law (Mr. Cyril Abrol) usually handles the internship applications. He would give you a call and would ask you some general questions:

1. Why Remfry and Sagar?

2. Why I.P.R.? (It’s a firm basically dedicated to IPR issues)

3. Previous internship details.

4. Which wing you want to work? (Trademark/ Patent/ Copyright/ Corporate / I.P. Litigation)

5. The office being at GURGAON, they even ask about your convenience.

And my interview did end at a positive note. The result of the call

1. Dates of the internship got fixed.

2. Department of internship (Trademark opposition, there is a different department for Trademark prosecution)

3. I was informed to be in formals (You can skip the blazer and Fridays’ casual wear)

Duration of Internship, Location and Timing

August 25, 2014- September 19, 2014 (4 weeks), 9:30 a.m- 6:00 p.m.

How to reach

It’s at a walk able distance from IFFO Chowk Metro station. It’s located in sector 27, Gurgaon. I used to stay in south Delhi so it used to take me around 1 hr to reach. It would be better if you could stay in some PG nearby. There are many available. In short staying at Gurgaon would make you save time.

remfry and sagar internship

1st impression

Big office. They have 5 floors all taken to themselves (6th– 10th). The building being called “The Remfry House”. The reception is at the 8th floor and you have to report there. I was asked to report at 9:30 a.m. I then met the person incharge of internship and was made known of certain work rules:

1. No cell-phones(silent mode not even vibration)

2. Formal wears(Mon-Thurs)

3. Sat/ Sun off.

4. Timing: Check in any time between (8:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.) and maintain an 8 and half hours work time including 40 mins lunch break (1:00-1:40 p.m.)

I was in the Trademark Opposition team at Remfry and Sagar which is handled by one of the partners Mr. Vishnumohan Rethinam. There are other managing associates, senior associates, associates, paralegals and secretaries. The work division among all the level is pretty specific. (Yes, I did feel like I was living the Mike Ross life: Suits)

I was informed of the work to be done. I had to report to the partner incharge.

Tasks done

1. Examination Report Reporting to the client.

2. Examination Report Response to the Trademark Registry

3. TM- 5 drafting.(Notice of Opposition)

4. TM-6 drafting( Counter claim)

5. EIO (Evidence in support of Opposition)

6. EIA(Evidence in support of Application)

7. EIR(Evidence in support of Reply)

8. Research work on cases for hearing.

9. Cease and Desist Notice drafting.

10. Amicable settlement drafts.

11. Affidavits for user claim.

The main work that was given during my internship at Remfry and Sagar was drafting and the work that was given was no different than the work being done by the associates. I feel proud to say that I didn’t had an experience in drafting all these affidavits but the way I was taught I doubt I would ever forget them. The partner i.e. Vishnu Sir was very patient.

I used to directly report to him. He was very patient with me and made sure I did learn all the work properly. He believes in the concept that “Correct but time taken > wrong and fast done”. I even went to the Trademark Registry and was made aware of the whole procedure being followed there.

Shivam Sir, Rishi Sir, Rashmi Ma’am, Anu Ma’am, Dhruv Sir and Niti Ma’am are in the trademark opposition team and they are the friendliest and the most co-operative people I would have ever met. It was just not the work talk but they were always free to be there for the career talks.

I was even given work by them. There was no such hurry but yes there was a time limit given. They all dealt with me with lots of patience and were always free to clear even my minuscule doubts.

Good things about the Remfry and Sagar internship

1. An amazing experience

2. A great work culture.

3. Your knowledge becomes surely plus 1 but never a minus.

4. Co-operative and friendly colleagues.

5. Ego set aside. You would feel wanted and you would never be able to say “you have no work”.

6. Free coffee/Tea and biscuits in the pantry all the time.

7. The jovial lunch time.

8. Timing isn’t that strict so you can leave 30 mins early provided you have completed the work assigned.

Bad Things

There is nothing to complain about the Remfry and Sagar internship. I was first scared, which was very obvious that it being a Tier-1 firm it would be difficult for me to fit in but I was proved wrong. The work culture not only makes you turn from a college student to a professional one but also manages to bring out the best in you.

And yes I never felt the need of a co-intern because I felt pretty good among all the associates.


None and I guess once you intern there you would realize it’s more worth it than anything if you are an IPR lover and you have a thing for learning.


1. There’s no one to boss around but it’s advisable to be professional and be work oriented.

2. Be accurate in your work and avoid being in a hurry. Cause your work in haste is nothing better than a waste.

3. Punctuality. Be there at the office on time cause you would actually be looked for as they would have work for you.

4. Any doubt, make sure you ask.

5. Lunch: its better you carry but if you are unable to just give a call at the reception and they would get you a “veg-thali” for lunch.

6. They don’t have any such provision to give PPOs but they do recruit from interns. So make sure you work to impress them.

Personal Note

For me the Remfry and Sagar internship was a life changing experience. A platform to get a reality check and come out of the utopian world that I lived in my college days.

It was a realization that professional life is a lot different and whatever we have studied from the books is just the abc of the practical legal field.

Being an IPR hons student it helped me a lot to have a look at the practical application of whatever I had studied. Luckily I have another month of internship to look forward to at the IP Litigation department at Remfry and Sagar.

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