Internship @ Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited, Goregaon, Mumbai: Stipend Rs. 10,000

Internship @ Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited, Goregaon, Mumbai

Name, College, Year of Study

Karan Narvekar, Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Law. (IV-V)

Where did you intern? Which city?

Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited. Goregaon, Mumbai (HEAD OFFICE).

How big was the office? How many lawyers worked there?

Well the office is exactly as big and posh as you would expect from such a big company. They have a Legal & Compliance team with 10 Lawyers who oversee and coordinate the Lawyers and legal matters all over India.

How did you apply for the internship? Please provide contact details, if possible

A friend informed me that they were looking for interns, I applied right away. Since, they were actually looking for interns I got a call for interview within 30 minutes. (Lucky I guess).

Send your internship applications to [email protected]

Duration of the internship in weeks? Number of days/ week? Office timings? 

12 weeks.

The first and fourth Saturday is working.

Official timings are from 9:30-5:30 but they let me come at 11:00 if I had to “attend lectures” I usually left between 6 and 6:30. There one time I left at 10PM. I was told to order food for myself as I was working late.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?

I live in Mumbai so no problem about accommodation. Goregaon is well connected to the entire city by every mode of transport. So travelling isn’t a big issue.

First impression about the internship? Tell us about your first day, the formalities etc.

The office is Impressive. The first day, I was introduced to the entire team, shown my workstation. I wasn’t given much work for a couple of days.

I was given a report on Public issues by Insurance Companies to read and make a PPT, which I was told I would have to present to the top brass of the company.

But the three months I was there I never got an opportunity to do so. But the other intern who worked there before me told me that she had to present a PPT. So, they weren’t bluffing.

What were the main tasks given to you?

Summarizing lengthy law suits, Lots of Research, Drafting replies to Legal Notices. They receive about 30 – 40 law suits every month. I was told to summarize every Suit, use the customer database they have and look up for all past complaints made, documents submitted etc. Like a mini investigation.

I had to write up my findings and submit it to the associate. He would sit with me and discuss the case and then either he would draft a reply or forward the case for further investigation. Basically I got to see how exactly he handled the suits.

Other tasks were calling up lawyers, updating the next dates and stages of cases. I also did some compliance work. I was told to update all the new circulars, guidelines, regulations etc from the IRDA website.

How were the work environment and the people?

The work environment was amazing. They have a pretty young team. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and approachable.

I was working in the Head office, so I got to interact with the top brass like Head of Legal and Compliance team the CRO etc. All of them were a delight to work with.

What are the best things you liked about the internship?

The best things about the internship were that they never let me feel like “just an intern” they asked me to attend all the weekly meetings and encouraged me for my inputs.

They have a wonderful working atmosphere and many a times I got a feeling about not quitting at all. You get very comfortable, probably the only reason I extended my internship period and the two interns before me worked there for 8 months.

I got to see how such big company functions and interacting with the senior officials like the Head of the Legal and Compliance team, Mr. Sameer and The CRO, Mr. Sunder was an add on.

And the worst? 

There were some days when I had no work at all. Or some days when the work I had was totally non legal. You should also expect some clerical work.

What all did you do to chill? Where all did you go? Fun with co-interns, colleagues?

Well they have 2 good canteens with a caterer who has a variable menu according to the time of the day. The food was good and very reasonably priced.

The entire team had lunch together on almost all days and some days Sameer sir would treat everyone to Ice-cream after lunch.

They also have Café Coffee Day in the canteen plus free coffee/tea/cookies and also if there is a board meeting or any meeting with food served you are invited to join the buffet with the rest of the team.

Stipend/ month


Any other thing which you would like to tell the readers?

If you are a Law + CS student this would be a great internship for you as you would get to do some Compliance work and work with the secretarial department if they have some work for you.

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