Internship Experience @ Reliance Industries, Surat: Learn How to Draft Reports, Research Work

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Rushali Srivastava

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Reliance Industries, Surat

Application Process

I got through the internship with reference through my father. The company does not have any specific internship policy, it is called as a vocational training over there. So if you want to get through , call that papa’s friend. 😛

Duration of internship and timings

1 month

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the very first day, I was required to fill all the details in their vocational training form and was given a long list of safety measures to be followed while in the industry. The company heavily focuses on safety measures for all those who enter the premises.

While the company has their Corporate Affairs Department in a totally separate area of the city, I was required to commence the internship from that office itself.

The infrastructure of the office is average. Fully air-conditioned and has cubicles for all employees there spread over the floor. After my interview with the Corporate Head about the company and my future plans, I was introduced to my immediate supervisor, the Legal Manager of the office. Having a talk over my area of interests over a cup of tea, the very next minute I was asked to bring my notepad and a to do list was handed over to the poor lad.

Main tasks

I was mainly allotted the tasks related to Petroleum and Minerals Pipeline Act 1962, Land Acquisition, National Oil Contingency Plan and Indian Trademarks Act.

Various case studies were supposed to be completed by me. I assisted mainly on research work, make a report of my work and submit it to Sir. Cases were mailed by him and we were strictly instructed to complete it, the very next day.

Sir not only guided me on how to draft reports personally but also guided me to focus on how such problems and related provisions can be interpreted to make the most useful way of it.

Additionally, apart from these technical stuff, I was supposed to be thorough with all the current happenings going around in the world.

Sir allotted me a date on which all my reports on various acts and case laws were to be presented to the HOD. Surprisingly, the HOD did praised about my work and then we had a fruitful discussion on various social issues prevalent in India.

Work environment and people

The work environment is one of the best things which happened to me during this internship. People were really friendly and cracked jokes every now and then which according to me kept the working environment energetic. Upon being asked for help, they made it clear that all the queries are being answered.

Best things

The work environment mainly was one of the best things. Also, as this was my first company internship, I realized the amount of discipline one has to maintain in the office. My supervisor was totally devoted to his work.

Bad things

Because of the company’s strict confidentiality compliance, I was unable to read the cases in which company dealt, or to have a glance to the meetings which were being held time and again in the office.

PS: You are not allowed to use your earphones/headphones even during the break hours as it is considered against the decorum.


Unfortunately none.

Biggest Lessons

The work environment of corporate office can be little boring. But at the end of the day, the main motive of all the work given was to enhance my hard work and to work upon my lazy attitude.

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