Internship Experience @ Rego & Rego Associates, Bangalore: Draft Affidavits, Prepare Legal Notices

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Rego & Rego Associates, Bangalore Directions – One may take a bus till Brigade, and then hire an auto rickshaw to Manipal Centre or walk till the building.

The office address is N-509, Manipal Centre #47/73, Dickenson Road Bangalore – 560042

Application Process

One can send in an e-mail to Mr. Arjun Rego – [email protected] or can give in a call and apply.

Duration of internship and timings

The internship was four-weeks long; beginning on a Monday and terminating on a Friday. Mondays to Fridays were working, and we had to come in on Saturday only if we had work or were called in specifically.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Mr. LPE Rego and his associate Mr. Arjun, are very friendly, polite and approachable and are always willing to teach and help. The office is small but very well equipped and sufficient enough for an intern.

Main tasks

The main task included assisting the advocates to the City Civil Courts, Magistrates Courts, Family Courts and the High Court. Other tasks given to the interns were searching for case laws, assisting in drafting of suits, affidavits, notices etc.

I was asked to prepare interrogatories, questions for cross examination, draft affidavits, prepare legal notices, reply to client queries, finding answers to legal issues, find precedents and prepare arguments.

Mr. Arjun also gave a set of hypothetical questions every week which dealt with different aspects of law. He doesn’t expect you to spit out answers as soon as a question is thrown at you; he gives you enough time and personally sits with you and discusses the answers.

There’s a lot to be learnt from these exercises and you are encouraged to put your own views forward and debate it out to help come to a complete and balanced conclusion. This has truly been very enriching for me and I have learnt a lot about the basics of litigation just by the discussions.

Work environment and people

They are extremely accommodating and will make you feel comfortable and at ease right from the beginning. Everyday there was something new to learn at the Rego office, be it regarding the work that I did or the conversations that interns used to have with Mr. Arjun Rego. It is one of the most chilled out places.

Best things

1. The best thing about this internship was the fact that there is a person right there who is actually interested in teaching you, making you understand things and still not pioneering you.

2. Work environment is absolutely friendly and any intern would find interning at this office a fruitful experience. The learning experience combined with the relaxed environment made it much easier to handle even the boring matters.

3. Interns and associates share a common working area which means that there is no scope for a communication gap.

4. You don’t need to run around for your certificate. A reminder one day before you leave is sufficient.

5. Mr. Arjun Rego treats interns as his own friends. Other than work, he helps you and talks to you about career, internships in future etc., be it litigation or corporate.

Bad Things



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