Internship Experience @ Rajneesh Agarwal and Associates, Mumbai: Research Work on SARFAESI Act & RDB Act

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Arnav Sinha, ILS Law College, Pune, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Rajneesh Agarwal and Associates, Mumbai, 8

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Through personal contact.

Duration of Internship and timings

1st November, 2016 – 1st December, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Amazing office in Atlanta Building at Nariman Point. Nariman Point being the hub of corporate Mumbai.

As it is a medium scale law firm there wasn’t many formalities as such. Just a general introduction to all the associates of the firm.

Everyone in the firm was very friendly and welcoming.

Infrastructure was good. It was perfectly suited to the needs of the firm.

Main tasks

1. Briefing the cases for the associates to analyze. Reading all the facts. Putting in the exhibits for a case.

2. Researching the cases. Finding in helpful precedents and arguments.

3. Accompanying the associates to the DRT or the Bombay High Court for the hearing of cases.

4. Preparing the synopsis of a hearing and adding them to the case file.

5. Preparing a report on the ammendments of debt recovery acts like RDB Act and SARFAESI Act.

6. Clerical work like correcting sale deeds, agreements etc.

Work environment and people

Work environment was great. It was first insight into the working of a law firm and it was a great learning experience. The people knew each other well and worked as a unit. The tasks were distributed evenly and efficiently.

People in the firm was very helpful and kind. They understood our inexperience and hence gave us tasks accordingly. They were always ready for help and we’re very encouraging.

Best things

Firstly the location of the firm. Being in Nariman Point it really gave us an insight of Corporate Mumbai.

The associates in the firm were true professionals and were really good at their jobs.

We got to see proceedings in High Court and DRT giving us an insight into the lives of lawyers.

Working on real cases and not just the imaginary moot ones.

Bad things

Probably the involvement of the interns in the firm was limited.

I would have loved to be a little more involved in the daily activities of the firm.



Biggest Lessons

Probably my biggest lesson from this internship was how complicated real life cases are.

There are so many laws to be applied. It difficult to research to them. Hence this gave me a lesson on strategically researching for my future moots.



Office Timings

There weren’t any official timings for us as we were allowed to leave as soon as the task for the day is completed.

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