Internship @ Purohit Law Associates, Jodhpur: Potential Worthy Work, Learning Court’s Functioning

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Purohit Law Associates, Jodhpur, 5

Application Process

I had applied with an application to the head of the firm, with a recommendation letter form my college. I had an interview with him. He asked me several questions such as:

What have you learned till now?

Which branch of law you are interested in?

What do you expect to learn?

He also asked about the subjects which I have studied in my First semester.

Contact Details:

Purohit Law Associates
“Pitra Ashray” C-20, Shastri Nagar , Jodhpur -342003

Telephone: +91-291-2611303(R) 2437050(O)
Cell:+91-7665500000, 9413400303

E-mail Address:

Duration of internship and timings

The internship was from 3rd January 2014 to 24th January 2014, the duration was of 3 weeks.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was pretty good. My expectation were met. The environment was conducive to work and the other interns were also supportive. The working staff also did helped me out with the working.

The first day was not actually a working day but it was a test for what I had learned and earned from the academics of first semester. I thought that interview was not still over.

Manager of the firm gave me assignments to make the short notes of Tort Law which I actually learned in the college to check my abilities.

After that the next assignment was to read and make the notes of the Articles which were very important for the litigation in High Court, from the Constitution. He actually brought me to the level where the actual and basic law in the day to day working of the lawyer was used.

Infrastructure at Purohit Law Associates Jodhpur was old, but good. It had an library which one could explore as much as they want.

Main tasks

The main task started after I completed with the Tort Law and certain Article of Constitution. I had to attend the High Court daily and sit in the Courtroom to observe the arguments and understand the case.

In the evening I have to go to the office of the firm and read the cases and according to the case list of the Court. I have to make the notes out of the file and read it and submit it to the Manager.

Work environment and people

Work was a load over me, actually it was suitable for my potential. The environment was conducive to the work. People were working with a joyful mood, and I also adjusted to it quickly.

People at Purohit Law Associates Jodhpur as very supportive and informative, as I learnt not from the books and not literal, but from the mouth of the lawyers who worked and some of the clerk who were studying LL.B.

One of them taught me about courts, their hierarchy and other instrument which lawyers have to face in their routine.

Best things

I learned both the book and people.

Practically, went to the District court, High Court, CBI court.

I saw the working of the criminal as well as civil court.

I studied certain Acts, and got legal knowledge.

Bad things Certain

Bad impressions were regarding the isolation from certain information for the reason that I was First year student and didn’t studied much of the law subjects.



Biggest Lessons

The lesson I got was learn from everyone around and try to extract best out of it, and learn from yours as well as others mistake.

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