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Internship Experience @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC), Chandigarh: Made A Presentation on the LGBT Community

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Punjab State Human Rights Commission (PSHRC), Chandigarh

Application Process with contact details

The documents required for application are:

• Updated CV

• 10th marks sheet self attested

• 12th marks sheet self attested

• Reason for wanting to join as Intern in PSHRC in not more than 500 words

• Recommendation letter from college HOD

• College Id proof

You can mail all the documents in a proper format to Mr. Rohit Chathrath at [email protected]

You cannot choose dates according to your own convenience. PSHRC sets the date for commencement of internship. Also, you cannot apply for the same anytime. A notice is published on its official website for inviting applications for internship. It is generally provided for the month of June for the summer internship and January for winter internship.

Duration of internship and timings

12th June, 2016 – 12th July, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The PHRC office is like any other old government office but the place where interns work is pretty nice. I entered the conference room (where the interns work) and saw a big conference table to accommodate approximately 40 people is occupied and people are looking for seats. There were around 55-60 interns sitting in that room.

The first day started with introduction of all the interns and ended with a test to check the knowledge of the students about Human Rights Commission. (Take it easy, it was an open book test to check the basic knowledge on the working of PSHRC. Also, Mr Rohit will explain everything before conducting the test.)

Main tasks

The work is divided according to the weeks.

The first week – we were given a brief about human rights. Then, Mr. Rohit explained in what cases PSHRC can take cognizance of the offence and under what code. Once were briefed about everything, we were given dummy cases to test our knowledge and understanding. After that we were given the task of legal assistants. Yes, we were to decide whether the commission can take the cognizance of the matter or not.
Oh really?

Yes, but it was rechecked by the legal assistants.

If you can read and write Punjabi then it is too good because most of the complaints are in Punjabi and very few in Hindi or English.

The second week – we were to make presentations on any hot topic of our choice, where human rights of victims were being infringed. It was a group task. My team made the presentation on the “LGBT community in the light of recent incident of Shooting at the Gay Nightclub.” My team made the best presentation and we won.

But who was the judge?

The opponent teams!

After that we were given the files of cases decided by PSHRC. We were to read the case thoroughly and then our file was exchanged with the file of the other team. Then we were to explain to all the teams about the facts of the case, why PSHRC took cognizance of the case, what was the decision, reasons for it, etc. and the opponent who had read our cases was to pose questions to check veracity of the cases presented by us.

The Third and the fourth week – We, in teams visited a nearby village and conducted an awareness drive. We also made a video of the same. As the best videos is shown to the next batch of interns.

The final task was to make a detailed project on any topic related to human rights. My team made a project on “Unseen aspects of Human Rights Commission in the light of PSHRC.”

P.S. – All the tasks are done in a group on day 2 you will be divided in teams for the whole month.

Work environment and people

People are really nice over there. But your restriction will be restricted to two person over there Mr Rohit and a lady.

Oops! Forgot her name but she is very helping. Mr. Rohit is also very helping with a good sense of humor and experience.

Mr. Rohit will introduce you to Mr. Subash. No spoilers! You should befriend him.

Best things

The best thing about that place is the people over there are very dedicated. PSHRC is among those HRCs which really function. As we were given different tasks everyday, the team completing it first was allowed to leave early. My team was the best as we won all the tasks but one.

Bad things

Their was not any bad thing for me over there. I loved working over there.



Biggest Lessons

It makes you not a lot but yes, a bit more sensitive towards others.

It teaches do not take stand for yourself alone but for others as well.

Any Other Thing

What really impressed me was that people form even very backward areas have become aware and they really take stand for themselves.

Overall Rating



If you have nowhere to live in Chandigarh, you can look for this PG:

H. No. 3240, Sec 23-D, Chandigarh

Contact Number – 8968786600.

This is a nice place to live. The food here is pretty good. Also, it is 5 minutes drive away from PSHRC office.

Office Timings

The timings for the internship are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. But this year, due to rush of applications the internship was divided into two batches (morning and the evening batch) of 60 interns each. The morning batch was from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and the evening batch from 1:15 pm to 5:00 pm.

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