Internship Experience @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh [PSHRC]: The nature of the tasks never led us dissatisfied # Must Read

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Akshi Narula, College of Legal Studies, UPES Dehradun, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh, 60 approximately

Application Process with contact details

The Commission provides for internship twice a year i.e. Winter Internship Programme and the Summer Internship Programme.

The application procedure is simple. You have to write a mail to showing your interest in the internship to which they will revert back sending the details and asking for the documents required for the process with the last dates for submission of the same.

The following documents are required for the application:

1. Latest CV

2. 10th marks sheet self attested

3. 12th marks sheet self attested

4. Reason for wanting to join as Intern in PSHRC: Handwritten-scanned

5. Recommendation letter from college HOD

6. College Id proof

The internship dates vary every year subject to the number of applications received. This time they had quite a number of applications due to which they divided the programme into two batches. My application was even rejected at the first place due to the same reason.

The mode of communication is through e-mail only however you may contact Mr. Rohit Chatrath, System Manager. He is the person who arranges and leads the programme.

Duration of internship and timings

13th June, 2016 – 12th July 2016.

4 weeks – 1 month

We were to attend the Commission for 15 days compulsorily and then were assigned a project which could be done individually or in a group. We were given a duration of 15 days to submit the project in hard copy as well as a soft copy.

On the submission of the project and some other details the certificate of internship was awarded.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I had heard a lot about the internship so I was very excited on the first day. I must say my first day was great.

I obviously started early for ‘my first day’. The building looks like any other government office. One has to move through the narrow staircase to reach the third floor where the internship programme takes place. It also has a lift, so you don’t have to climb all the floors.

The first and second floors are also occupied by the Commission. I along with some 10 more interns were made to wait in the waiting area on the third floor since another batch of the same programme had not finished.

We then channeled to the Conference Room where the programme was to take place. The Conference Room is well furnished, is air-conditioned and has ample space to accommodate over 50-60 people.

It started with taking seats around the round table and marking our attendance.

On the first day, we were welcomed by Mr. Rohit Chatrath who is the system manager of PSHRC and manages the internship programme.

We were made aware of the rules and regulations, timings, importance of attendance, etc.

A formal introduction session was held which eased the environment and helped us know each other.

We were provided with a bare act of ‘The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993’ and some forms to be used later in our work. We were told about the constitution of the Commission, working of the Commission followed by a test on the same.

Main tasks

The tasks provided by the Commission majorly aimed at making the law students more effective.

It included – understanding the nature of cases filed by the complainants, the powers of the Commission, the working of the Commission, group presentations, project, discussions etc.

The main work started from the 2nd day when we were given sample cases which we had to read and classify as whether the Commission had the jurisdiction to take the matter or not. The cases were in both Punjabi and English languages.

We were then divided into groups of 10 – 13 and the same work was handled by us for about 3-4 days.

However, the work did not become boring since Mr. Rohit gave us a new secondary goal each day with the main task, like the team completing first would be allowed to leave early. Early meant, 5 minutes early.

The team which worked well was always appreciated.

Each group was to prepare a presentation on a topic related to human rights. This included a questioning round attracting debates.

It helped us to discuss the emerging issues on points of law and also this helped us to analyze a problem keeping in mind variety of aspects due to the diverse crowd of interns.

After about 2 weeks we were given files containing the complete adjudged cases. It included all the orders of the Commission, the exhibits, complaint, replies of the parties, and other documents.

The last task was to prepare a project report based on our own collected data and we were now free from visiting the Commission. We were to conduct an awareness drive telling people about the Commission.

On the whole, the tasks were very interesting yielding a rewarding experience. They do not let you sit idle at any point of time during the internship.

Work environment and people

The ambiance was quite good. The interns were a combination from a number of law colleges.

Few of the interns even constituted of non-law backgrounds. Mr. Rohit Chatrath motivated us to work harder and we could reach him at any point of time in case of any problem.

Best things

The nature of the tasks never led us dissatisfied.

The discussions on the recent issues turned out to be quite interesting and led to learning new facts.

The place:

Chandigarh is a beautiful place to be in.

The area where the Commission is located in is packed with good eating places. Domino’s is located just over a few footsteps from the Commission, Piccadily Square is just 10 minutes away.

One can enjoy movies, have a very good time at restaurants like KFC. Sector 35 is just 10-15 minutes away and has very good eating places like Mc Donalds, subway, pizza hut, sagar ratna and many more.

4 hours a day, 5 days a week schedule:

Being a government organization, we did not have to visit the Commission on Saturdays and Sundays. So we always went out on weekends.

The time duration was the best part.

Though we had to walk in the afternoon to reach there but this did not disturb the ‘Summer vacation feeling’ since we had to reach there by 1:15 and had no problem of starting up early in the morning.

Bad things

All the interns did not know the Punjabi language so they got restricted to reading just the English cases. Sometimes due to the non availability of English cases they had to work with other people who knew the language.



Biggest Lessons

It helped me in understanding the importance of learning the contemporary aspects of the legal issues and being aware of the current affairs.

Most of all, you will be appreciated if you work hard. Take part in the discussions, talk to everyone, ask questions and you will learn something new each day.

The topics for discussions ranged from the history of human rights to the political affairs of Punjab and we ended up learning something new every day concluding with a solution to a problem which was never the subject of the talk when initiated.

Working within the environment consisting of about 60 interns can teach you a lot. You get to learn much more than just ‘human rights’ at this place.

Any Other Thing

The internship gives a worth-while experience and is suitable for law students studying in 1st or 2nd year.

Overall Rating



The Commission is located in Sector 34-A which is a hub of student coaching institutions. There are many PGs in the same Sector. However, they are not so easily available. Earlier bookings are recommended.

I stayed in a PG in the same Sector so commuting was not a problem. The area has innumerable grocery shops and good eating joints.

Office Timings

I was a part of the second batch of interns of the two batches which interned at the Commission. So my timings were from 1:15 P.M. – 5 P.M.

Due to the limited number of hours, we were informed before hand that we must strictly adhere to the timings. Mr Rohit Chatrath entered the conference room exactly at 1:15 and the process started utilizing each and every minute of the duration.


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