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Internship Experience @ Punjab State Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh: Scrutinize the Complaints, Interactive Sessions {S}


Name, College, Year of Study

Karan Goyal, University Institute of Legal Studies Punjab, Second Year.

Duration of the Internship

June 15th 2015- July 14, 2015.

I was an intern with Punjab State Human Rights Commission, the first State Commission of its kind in India after National Human Rights Commission.

So  it is obvious that this commission is better than other commission operating in India. As I earlier stated that I am studying in Chandigarh which was the reason why I chose to do my first internship in Chandigarh.

The procedure for applying was normal and I had to send my CV and letter attested by the College. So I easily got placed with them. My internship program was during Summer in month of June and July. On the first fifteen days, I had to work in the commission’s office and the rest of the days we had to make a research report on the topic of our choice.

I had a really good exposure during my period of internship. Student from different law school across India were there. Good leadership qualities and team work quality was nurtured by way of debates, lecture, QA session and other activities.

We were also taught the procedure of of working of the commission. They explained how the human right get affected, what remedies are available and what the commission does to protect the rights.

They showed us the complaints they get from different people, some of which were really horrifying.

We were asked to scrutinize the complaints, which was a amazing task for me. They showed us the complete working condition of the Commission.

Then there were interactive sessions with members of the commission who were great jurist and thinkers like Retd. Chief Justice of a High Court, DGP of Punjab, MD of a Company who was also an IAS officer and Social Activist.

Rest of the fifteen days we had to do field research on any topic of our choice. My topic was Child Labour. I collected the data from different areas of Chandigarh and made reports which we had to submit with the commission on the last day.

The complete internship program was good and we all interns who lived like a family had to bid goodbyes with a heavy heart.

The members, officers, and workers of that commission were never like other government employees.

My message to all those who get a chance to intern at this place is that you should not miss this golden chance. You are really lucky if you are getting a chance to intern with this commission.

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