Internship Experience @ PUCL, Delhi: Research, Make Reports, Make Presentations

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People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi.

Application Process with contact details

One can apply at [email protected]

Here you can simply apply by sending an email, you will be reverted by in short time. They have slot system where first set of students registering can get the opportunity to intern their.

Duration of internship and timings

1st June to 30th June, 2014.

I interned here for 1 month.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Location of the office was not appealing for once, I was dressed up in formal and expected a nice office but after reaching there it was disappointing. Once you start working there they a lot you with work which can be done from home, so the office ambience dint matter that much.

Main tasks

We were asked to make presentations along with research paper. We had to research and make reports. At times we got clerical jobs too. It was not complicated ones, but on recent or famous issues.

Work environment and people

Honestly, work environment was not good. Single room sized office along with one person who sits at reception and four computers, that’s what they had in office. But as we’re allowed to work from home we we not mandatorily asked to come and work their.

Best things

We had no pressure. Everything was chilled out. Going to office or not, it was one of the same thing. We just submitted a research paper and received our certificate.

Bad things

As one expects for a good internship, this place is disappointing. Dressed up nicely and when you see such ambience and environment, it’s highly disappointing. If you really wanna learn this is not the right place to be.



Biggest Lessons

It was all relaxed up, we just learnt research work and bit of drafting skills. But if you wanna gain a nice internship experience, try some other place.

Overall Rating



As I put up at Ashok Vihar, I had to travel by metro. It took around 40 mins for me to reach there. So I dint opt for accommodation. But there are a lot of PG’s in that area. One can stay nearest to the office.

Office Timings

The office timing were from 11 am to 5 pm, but one can come late and leave early and at the same time can do their respective work from home too. Sitting in office was not mandatory therefore we got a lot of relaxation.


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