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Internship Experience @ PUCL, Delhi: Visits to Consumer Courts, NHRC and District Courts

Internship People's Union For Civil Liberty, Delhi
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LSAT - Discover Law
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People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

The application is pretty simple, where you just need to mail your c.v to Mr. Pancholi or PUCL. They are pretty prompt and you will receive the acceptance mail in a day or two. Once you reach the office, you need to fill you details in their data base and pay a donation of Rs. 1000.

Duration of internship and timings

May – June 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It is slightly hard to find the office, it is a small room where you will find a ma’am on the computer entering the details of students. On the first day you are just expected to fill in our details and give donation and talk to Pancholi sir if he visits the office.

Extremely friendly people. Mr. Pancholi is a very soft spoken and kind hearted person. We can contact him whenever we want and he is there to help and guide you.

Main tasks

We are allotted tasks by the company. We had to survey a shelter home and write a report on it, answer a questionnaire on socio-economic condition, interview protesters at Jantar Mantar and make a report on it and make a report on any social issue.

The basic aim of PUCL is that we observe things and learn from it. We visited NHRC, Consumer Court and 3 district courts. Pancholi sir conducts meetings and talks with people where we discuss issues and learn new things, he even calls the students to his proceedings. If the student is active then the experience is worth it.

Work environment and people

The staff is really helpful. We got our certificate then and there itself. Sir is extremely understanding and will help you whenever needed.

Best things

The fact that the internship like other internships is not in one office, we need to report to new places everyday. We only need to visit the office once a week.

Bad things

It is not worth one entire month, many days you find yourself sitting idly at home as no work as been given. Its best for a 2 week internship. Plus if the student is not interested the company wouldn’t even know that the student is not participating.



Biggest Lessons

I actually got to see the working of different courts. Each experience was something special in itself. I got to learn so many new things. If you do ever go, remember to ask sir about the Afzal Guru case.

Any Other Thing

Its easy to miss the internship and enjoy Delhi, show a little interest this internship will teach yo many things

Overall Rating



I didn’t have any problem of accommodation as my family stays in Delhi

Office Timings

Being interns the timing is not so strict until there is a meeting or we need to report at some particular court.

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