Internship Experience @ Mr. Prabhuling Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General, Bangalore: Lots of Research and Court Proceedings

Name, College, Year of Study 


Name of Organization, Location

Prabhuling K Navadgi, Additional Solicitor General of India, Embassy Square, Bangalore

Application Process

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Received through the college but also can be applied by contacting via justdial phone number available in Google

Duration of internship and timings

1st June to 22nd June, 9.30 am – 7 pm

First Day,  Infrastructure

The first day we went to the office and was asked by his secretary to come to his High Court chambers as he had a case proceeding that day. The secretary briefed us about the working, the kind of cases dealt by the solicitor and our schedule throughout the internship. As soon as the solicitor’s proceedings culminated, he immediately met with us and had an introduction and explained the kind of work we will be assigned and immediately assigned the work to us and gave a reasonable deadline to finish the same.

Embassy Square is like a really popular and luxurious building for official purpose. The office of the solicitor was located there and the entire building was very comfortable and pleasant. The office of the solicitor especially was one of my most favorite things as it hosted one of the best libraries and was home to one of the widest collection of books and resources. Additionally, a coffee machine was also there which helped when there was heavy workload.

Main tasks

Our main tasks was to assist the solicitor in his case. We had to research mainly on the topic related to the case and since there were many cases, every  once in a few days we had new topics to research on so we never got bored as something new was to be learnt every once in a while.

We also had to read the petitions and the cases undertaken by the solicitor to get a background idea.

Also, we were present in the High Court during the proceedings of the solicitor and had to make observations on the proceedings of the case. The main task throughout the internship was research.

Work environment and people

The work environment was one of the best things as the workplace was very comfortable as the infrastructure was calm and spacious facilitating a conducive environment for full concentration on the work.

The people also were extremely nice and sweet and very considerate. Whenever there were heavy rains or for those of us who stayed extremely far away, the solicitor and his secretary allowed us to go home early and let us complete the work from home. They also guided us and taught many things and were really good people.

Best things

It is a  great opportunity to hone one’s research skills and you learn a lot from the solicitor on how to handle the cases.

Also, the office was located in the heart of the city helpful for ease in travelling to and fro.


Some days when the solicitor’s hearing is up, you will have to sit in the court for hours waiting to see whether your case will be heard next.

It is more beneficial and better if this internship is taken after 3rd year as the work required is more suitable for 3rd years or 4th years and you will be able to learn more then.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

Research done for cases is much different than normal research.


Since I live in Bangalore, it was convenient for me but since the office is located in the central area of the city, there will be enough P.Gs nearby.



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