Internship Experience @ Police Volunteer Coordinator, Mumbai: Came Across to Some Absolute Reality of Life

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Geetanjali Gupta

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Police Volunteer Coordinator, Juhu, DN Nagar and Versova [Mumbai]

Application Process

Through college under the supervision of Mumbai’s Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria.

Duration of internship and timings

12th February, 2015 – 15th March, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

As being the college coordinator for the police volunteer-ship task I had in total 15 students who were assigned to the mentioned police stations (Juhu, D N Nagar and Versova).

Before starting with our first day we were briefed by the Inspector in-charge Thorat sir with the kind of work we will be delegated like bridging the gap between the citizens and police, helping the citizens in explaining their grievances to the police authorities,in assisting certain cases, FIR etc.

Main tasks

I was constituted with all the 3 police stations and the type of matters undertaken by the students. I was captioning Versova Police station where I had a great experience by the collateral participation of the entire team of the Versova police station.

I came across to some absolute reality of life and the manner in which the police dept. serves to the best of its level. The kind of cases in which I used to deliver my views were like inter-caste, inter-religion marriages, rape, murder, accidents and husband -wife disputes.

I was enlighted about the cognizable and non-cognizable offences, FIR reports, actions taken on a particular issue (missing complaints, suicide).

Interaction with victims and culprits helped us to draw a narrow margin between the threat and a guard in the society. There were times were people didn’t knew their individual rights and how to raise their voice against it which entangled them in a wrong way to the door steps of the police station.

Work environment and people

Working environment of all the three police stations were very good. A very pally relationship was maintained so that it becomes easy for the students to cooperate with the kind of work delegated to them.

Best things

There were times when we had to directly leave from the college without doing our lunch so, they provided us with proper snacks and beverages.

Bad things

Sometimes the ignorance of the constables due to the heavy and overloaded work to them. At such times we use to listen to there grievances and advised them to take certain actions following with the response of Inspector in-charge.



Biggest Lessons

There will be circumstances were you as an individual need to use your rationality to help the victims apart from the registration their cases. Your convincing skills are very much tested at that time.

ACP of that particular location used to make an anonymous visit and looked after the work and audit the police stations. Any type of carelessness was examined with proper explanations.

Any Other Thing

If at all any student remained absent for a particular day there was an official diary on record which acted as a testimony of our no. of days to the work. You cant bunk without a proper reason to your absence.

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