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Internship @ Chambers of Sr. Adv. Pinky Anand, Delhi: Drafting Work, Food Paid For, No Stipend


Name. College. Year of study

Priyan Garg. Amity Law School, Noida. IVth year.

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Pinky-AnandPinky Anand, Senior Advocate, New Delhi. Office Address- A-126 Second Floor, Niti Bagh, New Delhi.

How was the office

Niti Bagh is an area where mainly lawyers live,¬†office is on the second floor of the house where Pinky Mam lives, it’s¬†a whole floor converted into office, with different rooms for¬†associates, interns, waiting area, conference room, law library and¬†Pinky Mam’s office.

All updated law books, AIR’s can be found in the¬†office, all the best resources required by a lawyer can be found in¬†the office.

Team Strength

6 associates and Pinky Anand Mam, at my time there were a total of 6 interns working along with (including me).

Duration of internship

May 2- June 1

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

CV for application of internship can be sent at¬†[email protected]¬†or at¬†[email protected]. It is favourable¬†to send your CV 2 months prior and to keep a track of your¬†application.

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

Pinky Anand’s Mam office provides internship for a period of 4 weeks,¬†it can be extended if your work is liked by the organisation.

You are required to attend courts in the¬†morning and then report at the office from Monday to Saturday, however¬†if there is excessive work, Sundays are also working.(I was lucky¬†that I didn’t had to come on Sunday).


There are no set timings, in the morning you are required to reach well in time to the courts you are assigned to report, ready with your entry passes; and at nights departure time depends on the work assigned, however if requested interns were also left early.

Proper care was taken to leave girl interns at doorstep of their house at late hours.

First impression, first day, formalities
I was supposed to report at the Niti Bagh office at 10.30 am on my first day of internship, however since all the other associates and interns were at the court, I was the alone one in office along with the receptionist. For the first one hour I just roamed around the office and browsed the library.

After one hour I got a call from one of the associate who assigned me some research work.

Once all the associates arrived at the office after court, main work assigned was to research material for next day cases. My first impression was of highly cooperative and friendly associates, a very warm environment. Mainly the associates were in the age group of 25-30, so that bond of a law teacher and a friend was there.

There were not any specific formalities as such to follow on the first day.

Main tasks

Main tasks involved in the internship was to report either at High Court, Supreme Court, CAT, District Courts in the morning based on where your associates directs you to go the earlier night.

At the Court, task given to interns was to keep checking the item no. going in various court rooms and if the said matter comes to inform the concerned associate.

Also when Pinky Mam’s matter used to come in¬†court, to note down important points of the opposite counsel and to¬†record the Judge’s remarks and note the date of next hearing.

Sometimes interns also had to run to the court library on the ground floor to get print outs or photostats of concerned case laws as directed by the associates.

Once the Court session was over (usually by¬†4pm), interns were¬†supposed to get back to the office at Niti Bagh along with the¬†associates and work on next day’s cases. Every intern was assigned¬†separate work by the associates and Pinky Anand Mam.

It involved researching case laws, finding citations, marking important paragraphs, briefing the associate, taking down notes, drafting legal notices, SLP etc.

Work environment, people

The work environment at Pinky Anand’s Mam was very warm and friendly.¬†There was a separate room for all the interns with proper resources¬†and timely supply of tea, coffee, lemonade etc.

There was a very good bonding between the interns and the associates. Instructions were given in a very friendly manner and if any intern was not able to perform the said task, he was duly guided. There were lengthy work sessions at the office which was followed by all associates and interns sitting together and interacting.

The atmosphere of the office was very positive and learning. There were different computers for interns and associates with proper access to SCC online and Manupatra, so that everyone can work individually.

Also at the office was a collection of AIRs, DLTs, Hasbury Laws of England, SCCs, commentaries, bare acts, law books; in short it was a library any lawyer would dream of having.

The best things AND the bad things
The best things included at the internship was firstly the associates¬†and secondly that out of all internships I have done in the past or¬†heard about from my friends, none gives an opportunity to witness all¬†courts i.e. High Court, Supreme Court, CAT, National Green Tribunal,¬†SDM’S Court, Patiala House, Tees Hazari in a single internship; added¬†with sessions of Arbitration at the Delhi Arbitration Centre.

Thirdly the interns were not allowed to pay for anything while at the Court or at Office, any food ordered from outside was paid by the associates.

There was only one bad thing at the internship and that was very less interaction between the interns and Pinky Anand Mam.


No Stipend, I believe having Pinky Mam’s name on your CV is stipend in¬†itself.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?
Since Pinky Anand’s Mam Office is located at Niti Bagh (South Delhi)¬†and High Court, Supreme Court, District Courts are located in Central¬†Delhi, the best place for accommodation would be South Delhi itself as¬†its near to all these places both by metro and road.

I personally took a flat in East of Kailash as it was near Kailash Colony Metro Station. However one can easily find accommodation at Vasant Vihar, GK, East of Kailash as all these places have their respective metro stations.

Niti Bagh is located near Green Park metro station and the courts can be reached easily by Pragati Maidan metro station or Khan Market metro station.

Since office was located in South Delhi, so there were a lot of chilling out options but because of long working hours, interns used to order from outside, however right opposite to the office was a chain of restaurants serving good food.

Rajeev Chowk metro station (CP) is not very far from the office, for interns have a lot of options there to roam around and eat good food. Also Khan Market was nearby to eat good elite food.

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