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Internship Experience @ People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur: My Work was Valued

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Priyal Anand

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People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Jaipur usually take around 30- to 40 interns at a time and while doing field work they divide the students into groups of 5-6 students.

Application Process

Applying for PUCL was not a very difficult task. I searched the contact detail from Google. I send CV along with a cover letter to [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

2nd July, 2014 – 22nd July, 2014

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first impression was good as once I reported they sent me to do some field work along with a group. There is absolutely no scope for wasting your time at PUCL, Jaipur. They make you work extensive, and you get to learn a lot. I cannot waste any time here, they will assign you work as soon as you sign there as an intern.

There were simple formalities as registering ourselves in there register to keep a record of interns they maintain a register and attendance was taken. The PUCL office is in a flat its not too small nor too big but the office hardly mattered to me because we are mostly supposed to do field work involving empirical studies, so office size is not an issue as you don’t have to go to the office on a regular basis.

Main tasks

At PUCL I mostly required to do at least 3 empirical studies involving field work. Mine was visiting the Jaipur Muncipal Corporation, Open Central Jail. The teams who do the field work are required to submit individual reports with full details.

I got to learn a lot. And besides the field work PUCL makes the interns visit the Sessions court, High Court, Consumer Courts, Labor Courts, Alternative Dispute Resolution Courts and other sub- ordinate courts.

They also call eminent personalities to teach the interns about various new laws.I understand the whole process that how a work is done there and then they will make you learn and grasp things easily and you shall get to meet a lot of people who have already excelled in their field coming in PUCL and I got to witness how they discuss and teach.

Work environment and people

The work environment at PUCL Jaipur is very good. There are students from the NLU’s as well as the private universities. You get to make a lot of new friends as well as gain a lot of knowledge.

Like every internship you will invariably be friendly with the co-interns as they share the same and the common legal background. You get to meet and observe a lot many people while interning. office’s environment was good.

Work environment is very friendly interns and the employees are treated equally. Occasionally we were called for team outing. Once the whole PUCL, Jaipur team including the interns went for a theater show. So, it was not only a internship full of learning but also a internship full of fun.

Best things

The best things working with Greenpeace which one could get is a lot of experience compiled up with a lot of memories. I used to meet a lot of people during surveys. I got a good exposure of public speaking and deal with the aggression and mood swings of the people.

The members of the PUCL are very supportive so with that support your confidence in doing anything boosts up automatically. You get to learn a lot. There are many instances in which you feel like the sessions courts visit have done wonders to you, as a Second year student it was a great.

Bad things

The only bad thing was the internship being a field job, I had to travel a lot, PUCL does not provide fare for your transportation for field work. So where ever you go you have to pay from your own pocket, and the transport is not so cheap. It’s preferable if you have a vehicle.


No stipend. Just those basic lessons of life.

Biggest Lessons

Success comes with lots of hard work and knowledge there is no short cut for success. Kavita mam who is the director of PUCL’s way of reading each case, question asked by him in conferences amused us. He goes to the crux of each case. I love the way she argues. At her age she is more active then anyone else in the office.

Law students nowadays wants a job in a good law firm but I think if one manages to get with NGO there is nothing better than this profession. Intern in your city in your 2nd year. No point going to big cities when you know nothing about law. If one interns with an NGO in the 2nd semester, that should be enough for one to “get into the grove” for the bigger and more challenging internships coming.

Any Other Thing

Dignity of the individual is of paramount importance. PUCL, Jaipur offers you the best chance to understand constitutional democracy. I felt like I was a part of the organization as my work was valued and I felt responsible about whatever I work I was assigned.

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