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Internship Experience @ People’s Union For Civil Liberties, Jaipur [PUCL]: It turned out to be a golden opportunity for me

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Aman Bhargava, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, 2nd year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

People’s Union For Civil Liberties, Jaipur

Application Process with contact details

It is quite an easy task to get internship at PUCL, Jaipur because they don’t say NO to any application received. However, it is advisable that you apply some 3 weeks prior so that accommodation and other arrangements can be managed pretty well.

Application could be directed via e-mail to either

Email Id of Kavita Ma’am: [email protected]

Kavita Srivastav, President, PUCL Jaipur

Email Id of PUCL,Rajasthan: [email protected]

A 28 days Internship is compulsory.

You can send your application with a cover letter and attached CV to any of the above mentioned email ID’s. If you don’t receive a reply within a week, please follow up.

New Address of PUCL, Jaipur Office: 48 Van Vihar Colony, Opposite Nirala Rajasthan, Jaipur, 302015, Rajasthan.

Duration of internship and timings

11th December, 2015 – 8th January, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I reported the Office at 9:00 am. I was supposed to register and write a written application form( as I told u earlier the registration process). The office was small since it runs from the it’s own pocket. It hardly constituents to work as majority of the work is done outside the office.

At that time I didn’t met Kavita ma’am as she was out of town due to having some work but for those 4 days I got as many as possible Advice, suggestion ,tips, warning, POIs, etc, to survive in these 28 days which made me more curious to meet Kavita ma’am . But those were not as true when I meet her.

Main tasks

The experience varies day to day. I went for field trips, surveys, workshops and attended various sessions by reputed activists, judges, intellectuals.

Following is a highlight of my 4 weeks internship:

• Workshop on ‘Using Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’ by Human Rights Law Network, Delhi. The interns had a personal conversation with the founder Colin Gonsalves. We were also taught how to file a PIL.

• Session by various activists on the ignored impacts of Globalisation in India and the other side of Naxalites in Chattisgarh.

• A Homeless Nights Survey was conducted where interns were supposed to collect stats of the number of Homeless from all over the city.

• Visited Umang, a school which helps children with disabilities by enabling them to achieve their potential and mainstreaming them to become self-reliant and participate in the society.

• Visited the Lokadalat and experienced the proceedings.

• Visited the High Court and the District Court and experienced the proceedings.

• PUCL sat on a Dharna outside the Police HQ against the inefficiency of the Police Department of which the interns were a part of.

• Session on Sexuality by ‘Nazariya’ which also covered Section 377 of IPC and its related judgments.

• During this time, we got the chance of being a part of various talks, discussions and workshops conducted for preventing child abuse, empowering women cabdrivers, promoting the culture of tolerance and education at Mewat, Alwar, awareness programme for violence against women, the declining girl child ratio, displacement and development, sting operations which were done to see the extent till which laws for prenatal sex determination are violated, and last but not the least, the Rajasthan University Women’s Association, which is striving for best treatment of women in the society.

• During the course of this internship, we had the chance of meeting senior activists such as advocate Prem Krishna Sharma, Sir Colin Gonsalves, Dr. Mita Singh, Dr. Pritam, Sir Shripal, Noor Mohammed Sir, Anant Bhatnagar Sir, Ma’am Kamla Bhasin, Ms. Kavita Srivastava herself, Ma’am Komal Srivastava, Ms. Mamta Jaitley etc.

• Session with Mr. Ramesh, a famous film director who directs movie portraying Social Issues. Saw movies like ‘Jai Bheem’ on atrocities of Dalits, ‘The Final Solution’ on Gujarat Riots, ‘Red Ant’s Maati ke lal’ on the Naxalite movies etc. It tells you about the ground level hidden situations of the country.

• Visited ‘Neem ka Thana’ village where people are suffering from the Factories of MNC’s.

• On Last Day of my internship I with all other interns of PUCL visited Kota (Rajasthan) in coaching centers i.e. Vibrant academy, Bansal classes, Allen Coaching Center, etc. to have survey of whether these coaching centers have constituted committees listed in the Sexual harassment at Workplace 2013. Through that survey we got to know various things mainly the reality of these coaching centers and the fact that “laws are made in our country but who cares whether they are been followed”.

• Some more activities which could not be mentioned in the flow of the writing which I have not mentioned earlier : visit to children homes where the kids are HIV affected, visiting Jaipur Foot.

After every session and surveys we were asked to make a report on the same which is a good exercise to help us write research papers in the future and opportunity to share our view or thought, point of view which runs our mind and troll ideas in mind to make a change on our part.

Apart from sessions or surveys, we often had an interactive dialogue with Kavita ma’am on many contemporary issues and she helped us showcase a different picture of the activities around the world.

Work environment and people

The work environment is very good. I met a lot of people from other colleges from India as well as abroad. This helped me make new friends and meet a diverse set of people.working with them was really a good experience sharing new thought, ideas, it was a wonderful experience.

I also met a lot of senior activists whose work is both commendable and inspiring. Apart from work, it’s fun to travel with the other interns.

Best things

Kavita Ma’am is so very kind and humble that she lets the interns use the Kitchen and other two rooms available at the ground floor. You can make tea, coffee, maggi or continental.She treats you really well as u are her child.

She takes care of whether u have done dinner lunch or breakfast as we had eaten really delicious “poha” prepared by her.

These sessions and workshop not only made me familiar with the law but also made me introspect myself, my role in the society. Being among the privileged ones, I realized my duty. Some sessions also made me feel helpless, but also gave me hope for a change.

After every session and surveys we were asked to make a report on the same which is a good exercise to help us write research papers in the future.

There were often moments where I felt helpless while surveying the atrocities faced by the underprivileged and the forgotten section of the society. It made me learn to see a bigger picture of the activities and incidents around the world.

Bad things

With all the good things also come the bad things.

Here I would like to give u one advice which I think will surely help you: In Beginning If u have not made arrangements prior u can have problems in finding PG or other stuff as the area is also the education hub of the city.

So there are PG available but there can be chances where u will not get rooms of your satisfaction so please make prior arrangements of these things.

The Internship often got very hectic with almost 7 days a week.

There was no time flexibility.

We could be asked to report at any time of the day even at night. But the acceptance letter clearly cautioned us about this since the work required dedication.


No stipend. It is a voluntary organization.

Biggest Lessons

Every session was a lesson for me it was like a book of 28 pages each book containing new lesson to be learned and having 1000s of question in my mind.

Whatever time I spend at PUCL I remember every single memory a single day of my internship. Working with kavita ma’am was a golden opportunity for me of my life and I will be always thankful to her for it.

These sessions and workshop not only made me familiar with the law but also made me introspect myself, my role in the society. Being among the privileged ones, I realized my duty. I get to know reality of my state. Working procedures of the state government bodies. Meet authorities of various field of government bodies. Some sessions also made me feel helpless, but also gave me hope for a change.

It made me realize what important role I could play first, as an aspiring lawyer and then as a citizen. It made me realize my existence being among the privileged ones and how our little efforts will lead to a big difference as a whole. By the end of four weeks, if nothing I reformed into a better person.

The contribution of the activists especially Mrs. Kavita Srivastav gave me hope, inspiration and a belief that humanity yet exists.

Any Other Thing

You get delayed certificates but there is so much written on your certificate that the viewer will be proud of you after seeing your certificate for sure.
Kavita ma’am told me that they respect their interns and start the certificate by stating that “We are privileged to have you as intern.” The line itself makes you proud of yourselves.

It was my privilege to be a part of this golden opportunity of my life.

It actually doesn’t matters how much I write for this experience, it will always be less. It was a great journey. I learned so so much. I thank Kavita ma’am for this invaluable golden opportunity.

Overall Rating



Accommodation is very easy and accessible. There are many PGs near and around the PUCL Office. If you get accepted, you’ll get an acceptance letter along with the contact details of Pappu sir can help you to get the accommodation.

You won’t face any problem regarding accommodation. Pappu sir or Kavita Ma’am will let you stay in the other rooms in office till you get the PG or you can stay there itself, Believe me!

It is advisable that you go a day prior to your internship joining to the office and register yourselves. As u have to register around 2-3 times and that too yourself.

Office Timings

There are no fixed timings. You can be called anytime, anyplace. and you have to be there.

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