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Internship Experience @ Peoples Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi: Enhanced My Skills

Internship People's Union of Civil Liberties , Internship PUCL Jaipur
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Mansi Agarwal

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Peoples’ Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi [PUCL]

Application Process

The head of Peoples’ Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Delhi is Mr. N.D. Pancholi. I contacted him in the month of march (2 months prior to the internship). He asked for my CV and few days later I got a positive response from sir.

Email id of PUCL: puclnat@gmail.com

Email id of Pancholi sir: ndpancholi44@gmail.com

Duration of internship and timings

June 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day i.e. 1st June, 2015 we had to complete registration formalities; which included confirming our identities, registration fee of Rs. 1000 and updating our details in their register.

The head office of PUCL is located in Mayur Vihar. Its a medium size flat that has been turned into an office. The atmosphere is very professional yet welcoming.

Babita ma’am, the office incharge, was very cooperative and patient with us. We were given an introduction to the tasks we would get and how the NGO works. Also, we were given few law magazines to read about Human Rights. Although we did not meet Pancholi sir, but we were told that we would meet him on June 3rd.

Main tasks

One of the main and interesting tasks was to research about the people sitting on dharnas outside Jantar Mantar. We were quite surprised to find that few of them have been sitting there for more than 15 years!
We even attended many Seminars in which we got to interact with Ms. Krishna Kripalani, the members of Tanzeem-e-Insaaf and many more renowned judges of Supreme court.

There were regular classes held in the office in which participation was necessary. The topics or reference videos were mailed to us prior to the class in order for us to prepare ourselves in advance.

At the end of the internship, we even had to submit a research paper for which my topic was Marital Rape.

Work environment and people

The work environment was very professional. Students from different colleges like NLUs, Amity Noida, etc were there. This was a great opportunity to interact with students of other colleges. The members of PUCL family showed great support at every step.

They appreciated our work and even challenged us along the way. Pancholi sir was always there to guide us and help us with our research.

Best things

Among all the interesting experiences we had during our internship period, the best was getting selected to meet Ms. Nandita Haksar ma’am, Human Rights lawyer and writer. It was truly an honour going to her home and spending the complete afternoon talking about her life experiences.

We even enjoyed the session of Nukad- Natak held in the Gandhi Peace Foundation. It was informative along with some fun.

Also, at the end of the internship when my paper was selected for publishing in the pucl journal, I was quite ecstatic.

Bad things

The only things which I regret was when our trip to Valabhgarh trip was cancelled. We were supposed to see the communal riots, however the situation there was quite out of hands, so the trip was cancelled.



Biggest Lessons

This, being my first internship, taught me team work, self- dependency as well as hard work. I had to work and travel with my group, yet I had to make sure I was not dominated at every step. I learnt how to put my ideas forth and respect others’ ideas as well.

Any Other Thing

The overall experience helped in enhancing my skills not only as a law student but also as a person.

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