Internship @ PB Ramanujam & PB Balaji Advocates, Chennai: Learn the Nuances of Civil Litigation , Rated 7/10, No Stipend

Name of the firm

P.B.Ramanujam & P.B.Balaji Associates


No.31/22, Baghirathi Ammal Street, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017.


Civil litigation


G. Surayana, IV B.A,B.L(Hons.), Saveetha School of Law


May – June 2013

The internship experience

Located at No.31/22, Baghirathi Ammal Street, T. Nagar, Chennai; P.B.Ramanujam & P.B.Balaji Associates, is an excellent place to intern at, for any student interested in civil litigation.

A well organized firm, the office has great energy levels all through the day. Weekends are generally the busiest and mostly crowded with many clients. The clients, who would drop into the office, were of all variations, coming from different backgrounds and from all parts of the city.

The firm deals with civil litigation and mostly cases are relating to property disputes and family matters. My mentor during the internship period was Advocate P.B.Balaji.

During my period of internship at this firm, I gained a lot of practical knowledge. All the seniors, especially my mentor, Advocate P.B.Balaji were very helpful. My overall experience there was amazing. It helped me grow in a lot of aspects and I understood a lot more about the legal profession.

As I was unaware of the practical aspects of litigation, I happened to learn the very basics of Drafting and client counselling. Through my internship experience, I happened to draft a few letters, legal notices, plaints, written statements and affidavits.

Being a beginner, I did commit some mistakes, but they were never frowned up. Infact, Advocate P.B.Balaji would offer me suggestions and further rectify and make changes to my drafts. He would even take the trouble of explaining where my mistakes lie.

The level of patience and temperament of Advocate P.B.Balaji is something to appreciate. No matter how many times, I asked him for the same doubt; he would willingly and patiently clarify them all. At the end of it all, he would even appreciate my work and that served as a very major element of motivation towards my growth.

Another noteworthy thing about Advocate P.B.Balaji is that, he would never restrict to just superficial help, he would go a step further and give me some tips and advice on being a better lawyer, every now and then.

In fact, he would advise me repeatedly on how it requires a tremendous amount of patience and an optimum temperament while handling clients and dealing with cases.

This was clearly reflected in his daily interactions, especially with his clients. No matter how tensed the client would be or how tiring the day would go, he would always speak in a polite and pleasing manner and deal with matters in a composed manner. He would, if required, even offer a word of comfort to the client. Never once, had I noticed him raise his voice at anybody in office.

During my duration of internship, I even had the chance to interact with Advocate P.B.Ramanujam once. Though, the senior most amongst all the advocates there, he was full of life and very humble and this was something very inspiring. We had an extremely informative and interactive session with him which is something I’d cherish.

Though there was always an overflow of work at office, the energy levels never went low. The entire office is like a closely knit family, with its share of fun and laughter, amidst all the work. In fact, on days that it would get late, they would permit to take breaks and even provided tea and snacks.

Overall, my experience as an intern, though for a very short duration, proved to be very fruitful and effective.

Overall: 7/10

Stipend: No Stipend

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