Internship Opportunity: For Young Lawyers and Activists @ HRLN, Mumbai [12 Months]

Duration of Placement

12 months


To build a national network of lawyers and activists contributing to human rights work by providing internship opportunities to students belonging to marginalised communities.

Specific Objective

Capacity-building of young lawyers and students from marginalised communities through internship programme.

Target Group

Young law students, lawyers, activists from dalit, adivasi, muslim and other ethnic and sexual minority communities with emphasis on women and persons with disability.


Though the Constitution of India guarantees Right to Equality to all, dalit, adivasi and other minority students face the brunt of the existing caste, class discrimination which starts from schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Discrimination against Dalits in educational institutions is rampant due to which there is a high drop-out rate of children belonging to these communities.

Other social and physical factors like poverty, lack of basic infrastructure, discrimination by teachers and fellow students, distance to schools, access to resources also add to the existing problem.

Minority women are most vulnerable, as they face much more discrimination than their male counterparts. A very small percentage of girls get opportunities to avail education in comparison to their male counterparts.

Due to non availability of proper uniforms, access to clean toilets, security while travelling to school, etc. leads to a number of girl students dropping out from school. Women are usually deprived of equal opportunities at workplaces and are also victim of sexual harassment.

HRLN Internship Programme for Dalit/Adivasi and Minority Students

HRLN believes that access to justice is only possible when communities are central to the process.

HRLN over the last decade, has taken steps to ensure greater degree of inclusion in its attempt to build a cadre of lawyers from marginalised communities such as dalit , adivasi, muslims, sexual and ethnic minorities in its workforce over the last decade particularly through its two programs:

  1. Student for Human Rights

  2. Young Lawyers Programme

In both these programmes emphasis has been laid to ensure atleast 50% representation to students from marginalised communities.

For this a bursary scheme exists which helps defray expenses that a student from marginalised community may incur and on other occasions contribute towards lightening the burden in supporting their families.

The idea of the bursary scheme is to allow students to sign up with one of HRLN offices giving them opportunity picking up life/legal skills and ensuring by the time they become lawyers, they are on par or ahead with candidates to whom these opportunities are made available as matter of right.

What we are looking for in a Candidate:
  1. Belonging to Marginalised Community – Dalit/ Adivasi/ Women and Other Religious Minorities. Priority will be given to women candidates.

  2. Ready to commit for period of one year – starting from May 2016 to March 2017. Will have adhere to HRLN Office policies.

  3. Person is open to travel to different districts for fact-findings as well as for HRLN trainings in other states.

Application Procedure

Interested Applicants are requested to email their CV to [email protected] with Subject “Internship Programme for Young Lawyers and Activists at HRLN, India” for placement at the Mumbai Unit.


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