Internship Opportunity @ NALSAR’s Centre for Legal Philosophy and Justice Education [Dec 2015-Jan 2016]: Apply by Oct 31

The Centre for Legal Philosophy and Justice Education, NALSAR University of Law, invites internship applications for December 2015-January 2016.

The Centre is presently engaged in a project seeking to rethink the ways in which we study, teach and engage with socio-economic rights, focusing on the right to work, land, education and housing.

The internship is research intensive, and interns would be expected to feed into data collection, analysis and writing.

Competence in navigating legal and academic databases is a prerequisite.

Given the pedagogic thrust of the project, alongside research, the Centre is also working on creative ways of presenting information and arguments meaningfully to different sorts of audiences (ranging from the average internet user to judges and bureaucrats).

If you are interested in working on scripts, stories, infographics, short films or comics on the subjects mentioned above, or if you have any other ideas, we would be glad to hear from you.

The minimum duration of an internship is four weeks.

As a norm, interns would be expected to work from NALSAR (Hyderabad), though applications for online internships may be considered in particular cases.

Interns would be paid a modest stipend.

To apply, please send your CV along with a short covering letter indicating your area of interest to [email protected] by October 31, 2015.


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