Internship Opportunity: Lex Do It, Delhi [Work on Legal Documentaries]: Apply Now


Lex Do It is a non-profit organisation founded in early 2014 by a group of concerned, dedicated and socially aware law students who are on a mission to proactively contribute and give back to society.

We are an NGO that advocates human rights as well as special rights.

We also have considerable experience with RTIs and Pro¬Bono Litigation.

We are looking for people with drive and passion who can help us spread the word about people’s rights in our daily lives, in the workplace, as women, as children, as employees, as employers and any and everyone else.

Our country is the largest democracy in the world and it can only remain one when each and every one of us claims our rights and fights for them.




We are looking to create a group of like minded people who will help us to spread the word and be a part of our campaign for change.

Current Work

We are currently working on documentary films, legal aid and assistance programs and books and publications to help laymen understand legal procedures and terminologies.

How to apply

Interested candidates should mail their CVs along with the following information:-

1. 1-2 Paragraphs about themselves

2. 3 areas/fields of law where their interest lies

3. Choose one of the following profiles – RTI/PILs / Legal Research and Publication / Campaigning and Awareness Programs.

Who can apply

Students from all across the country are welcome to apply. We want to build a network and connect passionate and hardworking people.


Email Id: [email protected]

For further details, click HERE.


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