As we all know that Punjab is burning with the issue of its youth addicted to drugs, the numbers are shocking. Nearly 75% of young children and adults are severely addicted to drugs. That’s 3 out of every 4 children.

Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities around the country are quickly gaining a reputation as drug cities with easily availability of drugs and the drugs population in all these cities is continuously growing.

The mushroom growth of rehabilitation centers in Delhi point out to the growing menace of drug abuse among youth. The menace of drugs and alcohol has woven itself deep into the fabric of our society. More Indian youngsters are struggling with addiction than ever before.

Instead of wondering why is our youth becoming addict, we should be asking better questions such as, how do we stop them?

The old saying, that “Preventing addiction is more effective than curing it,” may seem idealistic, but this is the mindset that Indians need to adopt.


“Honour”- our NGO is taking grass root level essential steps towards creating awareness against the growing drug menace in our society.

We organize awareness camps for school and college children in order to catch them young, so that before they bow down to peer pressure and easy availability of drugs, we may present to them, a true picture of where this menace can lead them to.


All you need to do is, help us in organizing awareness campaigns in 4 colleges by getting their permission and come with us in the same. We will provide you with an internship certificate once you do that.


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Application Procedure

Send your details and applications to


Last date for applying is 1st April, 2016.


Phone: +91 – 9560014577

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