Internship Opportunity @ Greenpeace India, Hyderabad: Apply by Oct 19

About Greenpeace

Greenpeace is an Global independent campaigning organization that act to change attitudes and behaviour to protect and conserve environment and to promote peace

Job Description

The role of a Fundraiser is to raise awareness about Greenpeace Campaigns in people, by meeting them at public places, corporate sectors, offices & shopping malls, and inspire them to contribute funds and become financial supporters of Greenpeace.

Key Takeaways

By joining the Greenpeace Fundraising team you get to learn about environmental issues and help Greenpeace remain proudly independent to continue its work for safe and green planet.You get to work with a team of committed and fun loving people.

Required Skills

Good communication and presentation skill.

Ability to talk with people about Environment issues and Greenpeace campaign.

Knowledge on issues related to environment


Applications are now open till 19th October, 2015.

Interested people forward your resume to [email protected]

Internship location


Duration will be 1 to 3 months.


Sambasivarao | 040 66022362

More information is HERE.


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