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Internship Opportunity by YUVA, Niti Manthan @ Delhi: Applications Closed

By: Aprajita Karki | April 15, 2019
About the organisation

Youth United for Vision and Action (YUVA) was established in the year 2016.

YUVA is a youth-based youth run pedestal upon which the effigy of Academic, Social and Cultural endeavors are carried out.

Niti Manthan is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and to guide them traverse the righteous path throughout the endeavour of their personal and professional lives.

By having a direct interaction and by exchange of views with experienced legal minds.

Internship avenues are divided into 2 broadheads

Internships at Niti Manthan which primarily includes

  • Gender studies vertical: whereby research and projects pertaining to gender issues shall be dealt and executed.
  • Niti Manthan Research program: whereby students shall be engaged with certain research projects pertaining to legal policy.
  • Alternate dispute resolution: whereby training and projects pertaining to mediation, med-arb and negotiation shall be dealt with.

Internships through Niti Manthan which primarily includes placement of applicants, for internship, at:

  • Chambers of Litigating Lawyers/ firms
  • Research Centers
  • Corporate Firms

New Delhi, India.

Who can apply?

Law students of all years.

The website link is here.

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