Internship Opportunity: Anubhooti 8.0 The Social Internship Programme


Anubhooti meaning ‘realization’ is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of Social Leaders of the society – Real Life Role Models – working at the grass-roots. This Social Internship Project of THINK INDIA in association with pioneering Social Organisations, aims to bring synergies among students of top-most institutes of India and crusaders working for a social change.

Think India – A pan India initiative to bring together the best talents of the country and to infuse in them a ‘Nation First’ attitude, aimed at developing the nationalistic spirit and inspiring young India to be of service to the society.

The Programme

This Internship Programme strives for developing understanding of the working of the organization & the impact of such work on the lives of the beneficiaries.

The internee apart from getting involved in the social work, shall undertake any project project in consultation consultation with the organization organization and based on the requirements of the organization, apply his/ her thought process and give suggestions to improve the lives of the people he has been working on during the tenure of internship.


The Internship Programme spans a minimum of either 7 or 15 days based on the organisation chosen & the project undertaken.

It requires the students to submit a report with photos and statistics of their activity or project undertaken in the organization, within two weeks of finishing the internship.

Associated Orgazations

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Yogendran +91 9974042178, Naresh Dixit +91 9880269820, Ashish Chauhan +91 9427615135, Ganesh Turerao +91 9421173255

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