Internship Experience @ Odisha State Legal Service Authority, Bhubaneswar: Legal help is there for all those in need for free

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Odisha State Legal Service Authority, Bhubaneswar

Application Process with contact details

We first approached our Principal with a application for granting us to do internship at the above organization. Then we approached one of the staffs at Legal service Authority who tooks care of the students approaching the organization for internship. We met him and submitted our application with permission letter from principal.

Duration of internship and timings

1 month

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First of all, approaching the staff was very easy. He was very friendly and was very happy to see us for being interested to do internship at their organization. He asked us our names and why we took law. And also why we were interested in their organization.

Then he showed us one room and gave us some books which dealt with about their organization, their work, their area of focus and how it is carried out.

Main tasks

Our objective was to know about how Legal Service Authority works for the people. How it helps to bridge the gap which exists among poor and other people about how they can help legal help.

Work environment and people

The staffs were very friendly. They always treated us good and guided us as a professional where we needed their help.

The room they provided us was very clean and well lit with AC fitted.

Best things

The best thing about doing internship at State Legal Service Authority was that we get to know about the practical aspects of law. That is how the law that we read and write, is implemented in many fields and to those who need it the most. We attended on of the programme organised by them. It was a awareness camp organised at Salepur, a small town withing Cuttack district, to make the people aware about the rights they are entitled to get.

Bad things

The only bad thing about here I can say is that there was no one to tell and teach us about their organisation. All we had to do is to rely on books only.


This was an unpaid internship.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson we learned from here is that, legal help is there for all those in need. And most importantly it will be also provided free of cost.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



Being a day scholar there was no accommodation related issue.

Office Timings

11 am to 5 pm



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