Internship Experience @ Odisha State Commission for Women, Bhubaneswar: Interact with People

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID


Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Odisha State Commission for Women, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Team strength; 3.

Application Process

An application is to be submitted in the commission, along with a recommendation letter from the Principal of the College.

Duration of internship and timings

25th March, 2015 – 20th April, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office isn’t a huge one and operates in just one floor. Thankfully; air conditioned.

First day wasn’t much of an issue. We were just explained about the working of the commission.

Main tasks

The main task the intern had to undertake was to view the application submitted by women and segregate them according to their problems and prayers.

Later, the problems which have a scope of being solved through a negotiation were called for counselling.

The counselling thus decided where the issue could be solved through a mutual agreement or it needed legal remedy.

Work environment and people

The work environment is good and the people working there are friendly.

But the counselling sessions at time get very loud at times. Then again; it’s the part of work.

Best things

Best thing was getting to interact with the parties seeking help, which made the internship very much a practical experience and not just bookish knowledge.

Bad things

No bad thing experienced.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Not exactly a lesson, but definitely it helped in understanding the realities of the society and what it demands from the legal/judicial system.

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