Internship Experience @ Niharika Navjagran Foundation NGO, Ranchi: Interact with Children

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Niharika Navjagran Foundation NGO, Ranchi

Application Process

Niharika is a NGO that is ran by one my extended family members. It is a small organisation of six to seven members in their fiftees, and it really doesn’t have an intern taking procedure.

Given it was going to be my first internship, I thought of working with them. I just had to ask.

Duration of internship and timings

Again, there is hardly any formality in Niharika. Given that I was simultaneously doing an online internship, the duration of work with them extended throughout the two month semester break, i.e. first week of May to last week of June.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I knew about the existence of Niharika since I was a kid. So there was no superfluous expectations in my mind as to what exactly it was. What Niharika basically does is associating itself with small NGOs in different parts of rural West Bengal, aiding them financially and in any other way possible. So, for the first day, we traveled to Burdwan to meet a NGO who taught children with limited means.

It was a very enriching experience. The gentleman who ran that NGO was an ex-banker, and he had left his life of luxury to come and stay in one forgotten corner of West Bengal and do a little good by the people. The children were disciplined, curious and very endearing.

We had the chance to see around the facility (which was not much) and learn about its history. At the end of day, I was asked to make a report, suggesting changes and how Niharika could come to their assistance.

Main tasks

My main task would be listening to all that the NGOs had to say for themselves. Since Niharika would aid them financially, it was my job to think and suggest ways in which it could do so, in the form of reports. Plus, occasionally I would get to properly interact with the children, by reading them stories or organizing something.

Work environment and people

Since Niharika is family, there was no tension, no undercurrent, no politics. Plus, all of them were leaning on the aged spectrum of human life, so the whole environment was pretty chill. The members, like good old Bongs, would always have erudite discussions on every aspect of life, and it was a great way to kill boredom.

Best things

The relaxed environment and all the travelling I did. The rural side of West Bengal promises some of the best scenic sites ever, and I am glad to have been there to see it. Apart from that, during the two months, I got to meet and hear about all sorts of people that actually exist and function in the ground level.

Be it the self-sacrificing NGO heads, who did not back down even after all sorts of hurdles were heaped upon them, or the calculating local politicians and gundas who heaped these said hurdles. Truly, the best thing had to be the people I met, and the lives I got to know of.

Bad things

No modern technology.

Lack of resources.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

A closer look into the lives of the people who have nothing. Heralding from the privileged class, I never really had a chance to interact with a section of the society which, sadly, makes up a large part of our country. This opportunity to intern with Niharika was a good place to get started.

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