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Organization: Neeraj Associates Address: 4/57, Vishal Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow


Website: Click HERE.

Team Strength: Approximately 12.

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Application Process

You may send you CV at for applying here.

Once Your CV is short listed then the applicant have to give an interview which can be done either on the phone or by personally appearing in the firm.

Duration of internship and timings

My Duration of work was from: 1st June, 2014 – 4th July, 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First impression: Law firm is taking a leap towards redefining excellence.

First day formalities: There isn’t any mandated formalities to be followed.

Infrastructure: Since it was my first internship in a law firm, I expected it to be like huge office building but it isn’t. the firm is being operated in a residential plot, however once you get inside the building you will have no complaints about it. you will find all air conditioned cubical and a separate place for interns in the basement with proper WiFi access.

Main tasks

There is opportunity to experience different sections of the law since the law firm is highly dynamic in nature and covers almost all types of cases and clients.

1. If you are interested in litigation then Neeraj Sir shall be allotting you cases relating to Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Laws, etc.

2. If you are interested in corporate laws then Gaurav Sir and Rishi Sir shall be allocating you tasks like preparing reports, complaints and contracts & agreements for websites and other service providers.

3. If you want are interested in cases covering consumer aspects then Rishi Sir shall allocate different consumer cases and even help you in preparing a draft of those.( Generally interns are not allowed drafting of cases but this custom is not followed in this firm).

Work environment and people

Work environment is extremely above the expectations. You will never feel yourself as a intern and never be treated as the same.

Next work is allocated as soon as you are done with the previous.

Any queries can be directly referred to the partners and are answered immediately.

Best things

The best thing about working in this law firm is constant monitoring of the associates and partners which help us be on our toes and at the same time provide us with the opportunity to even listen to the clients while their problem is being addressed by any of the associates.

Neeraj Sir spends time with interns unlike the internships at other law firms. Neeraj Sir teaches all the interns from around 4:30-5:30 on a regular basics and in these classes he explains the basics of C.P.C and Cr.P.C.. His explanation is excellent and after attending just few of his classes, all your concepts shall become lucid and crystal clear.

Bad things

The only bad thing about the firm is its location, since it is situated in a residential area getting a public conveyance is difficult in the region although the office is located near a landmark named “Manoj Pandey Chauraha”, getting up till this landmark is very easy.



Biggest Lessons

The biggest lessons I learnt in this summer experience was learning the ground reality of how the judiciary of our country works and how far it is drifted away from the picture of judiciary frequently mentioned in the university campus and other books.

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