Internship @ Navjyoti India Foundation, Gurgaon

Name: Aparajita, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (U.P.E.S), 2nd year.

Name of the organisation: Navjyoti India Foundation , Gurgaon.

How big was the office? Team strength? Office was fully fledged with a number of departments. You will find a number of employees who work for the cause of environment.

The reason being, they train and help the rural people on every grounds, being-study, employment, computer training, e.t.c and all the stuff that can give a scope to uplift them. This is the main vision of Kiran Bedi ma’am with the motto towards Self reliance on which the organizations aims to work.

Application procedure:  I had applied sending my CV to [email protected] .

They would respond soon reverting to the mails sent followed by few telephonic conversations and then one is asked to complete the official internship on their website for the final confirmation to count you in as intern.

 they train and help the rural people on every grounds, being-study, employment, computer training

Duration/timings: Duration of internship was 21 days. 6days/week. From 10:30 am- 5 pm.

Accommodation: I stayed at my brother’s place in Gurgaon, and the office being 30 km’s away. I had to spend around one hour each way in travelling, but I preferred this inconvenience over the troubles of hunting for a PG

First Impression: I was called on an official invite to attend a function at their other branch in Rohini, where I happened to meet Kiran Bedi ma’am. Definitely, That gave me a good reason to be happy about 🙂

The first day as an intern at Gurgaon’s office. I got to see a meeting conducted by the head with staff members followed by a group discussion on the flow of work with few interns from other colleges. Yes, that moment I was a bit skeptical about their liberalism.

But on the contrary, I had a very nice conversation with the Head. Wherein, he easily with his questions cleared the picture on his mind as to what work I should be more liable with. And I was glad, he didn’t make me work on the running projects, rather wanted me to layout the ideas on the new project asked by Kiran ma’am to start with.

Main tasks: I happened to start up the layout on their project – Rural Training Institute (RTI). Therein, I was dipped into the researches to make myself aware on the in and outs of rural people.

They will never poke their nose in your work for the entire day. But a brief was required to be explained every morning before you start the day with work.

If they find you responsible enough with your respective work, they will count you in with themselves and give you the exposure to attend meetings at other places.

I was been taken to Institute of Rural Research and Development (IRRAD) to attend the meeting with them and was even asked to ask, question or anything on the agenda of the meeting. Trust me, you get to realize the professionalism then!

I’m glad that I got to attend one SABHA , where allotted interns were supposed to make a report of the same and to draft the R.T.I on the same and to search for the solution of the issues on legal grounds.

Work environment, people: The work environment was friendly and well acquainted. Once you start working on a good pace, seniors will always be there to answer your infantile queries even. I, personally give a 10/10 for their way to make you work.

Generally, it’s always a team work as interns were even taken on field visits to have an interaction with villagers and their respective sarpanch to find out the problems that eventually becomes your topic to research on. And though you enjoy being in a team where you have a group coordinator who takes care of the group responsibility.

You will be helped throughout your journey with organisation. And moreover I had a chance to interact with a lot of new people of other departments and other organizations I was taken to.

Best things: The best thing that allured me was the SABHA organized there every Saturdays. Every SABHA was based on an unanimous agenda raised by the villagers who used to attend it and the experts being called to throw light on the same.

This concept helped the people to overcome the problems they use to face giving them the ways to solve it on the legitimate grounds, Example- illegal selling of liquors.

On miscellaneous grounds, the best thing I liked was the kitchen they had in their office, where the interns can prepare Maggie or tea during the lunch. The greeneries of their office and the fruits we were served at times. One gets to find all sorts of plantations there.

Bad things? The only thing that will trouble you the most is the distance of the office from the proper Gurgaon city. Its way far and one has to start a bit early for being there at time.

Outside work: Being in a team was sufficient to hang out at near by places, plus taking stroll in their exotic garden. I mostly used to relax myself talking to the head of other departments and kept knowing more about the work place

Stipend/ month: No.

Every SABHA was based on an unanimous agenda raised by the villagers who used to attend it and the experts being called to throw light on the same.

Biggest lessons: Interning here was an eye-opening experience where one gets to know the ACTUAL challenges and sufferings faced by the rural people and will definitely, even for once gets to think of being more social.

I, personally found so may loop holes in our legal system that fails to face the challenges persisting on rural areas and by its people.

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