Internship Experience @ Navjyoti India Foundation, Delhi: Visits to Police Stations and Villages

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Nitish Kumar Verma, University Institute of Law and Management Studies

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Navjyoti India Foundation, Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I contacted Mr. Virendra Sahu.

Duration of internship and timings

15th June – 15th July, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was amazing to visit place like Navjyoti. It was not in a posh area but was well maintained and clean, it was in Karala(Delhi). First day me and my friends were in official dress (black blazer and white shirt and black trouser ) and Mr. Sahu directed us not to wear official dress because they are going to give us lot’s of work for which we need comfortable dress.

Other Interns were too friendly and they associated with us easily. After some time they ask me for a photograph a gave me a form to fill. then a staff member of NGO help us to understand work and other procedure of NGO. Staff and Interns were too friendly and supportive.

Main tasks

We were the senior among all the interns that’s why we got a difficult task that was to write a book named “KAWACH” for general awareness about some common laws for uneducated and unaware villagers. we had to write this book in Hindi language so that a common man can understand it easily.

We were guided by Mr. Sahu about the methods of research work and data collection and then our work begun. from the very next day we move out in the village for data collation and for analysis of common problems. we need to devide our book in three parts i.e. for child, women and community. We got full support of villagers and staff of NGO through which we were able to provide a helpful book for people through which they can understand some daily life common laws.

Except our research work and task we got to learn several things from NGO. I remember one of incident which change me completely one by mistake I left lights of NGO switched on and next day we got punishment for that, we were sent to clean library of NGO and from that day to this day I don’t waste electricity.

Another thing which touch my soul was providing classes to poor children of village, that was a golden experience for me to interact with children and to know their basic problem but the thing which i notice in these poor students was that their was fire inside them to learn something and to do something.

Work environment and people

Staff of NGO was very good and helpful they show us a way of research and through their guidance we could wright a good book i.e. KAWACH.

Other intern gave us full support and guidance. Villagers were too friendly and supportive. several time NGO provided us their vehicle for visit other villages too.

Best things

During our research we visited several Police stations and villages. It was a great interaction with all the police officials and villagers.

Except that we learn they proceedings and practical works relating to law.

We became gain the knowledge of society, legal authorities and most impotent we became morally strong. First time we got a chance to work for our poor and uneducated people of India. It was good.

Bad things

The only bad thing was that you will have to work for society. you will have to clean villages, feed and help poor people, teach them. Simply you have to leave your luxurious life to work in this NGO but at last you will be a different person, who care for poor and uneducated people of India and you will not be able to think about yourself only.

There was nothing bad, if you have a positive attitude.


We earned only love.

Biggest Lessons

We should join NGO like Navjyoti so that we can transform our life and can give time and attention for thise people who are dying everyday just because of bad legal system. Work for them also makes you feel good and this education is nothing if it could not be utilized for protection of yourself and others.

Overall Rating



No. My accommodation was at my home only and i didn’t stayed in PG. Me and my other friends use to go NGO by sharing a vehicle. and the approx distance from my home to NGO was about 45 kilometer.

Office Timings

The timing of the NGO was from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. and we were instructed to reach NGO sharp at 10 A.M. because we had to attend the lecture of Mr. Sahu. At about 2 O’clock we got a break time of one hour. And no one can leave NGO before 5 O’Clock because we had to mark our proxy in an attendance register.

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