Internship Experience @ National Legal Services Authority, Delhi: Meet Lawyers, Court Visits

Name, College, Year of Study

Prakhar Agrawal, Government Law College, Mumbai, First Year

Name Of Organisation

National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), Delhi 

Application Process

You need to mail your CV to at least 2-3 months before hand.

Duration of Internship

16th May, 2016 to 7th June, 2016

First Impression

After getting a confirmation and acceptance mail from G.B Ravichandran Sir (Under Secretary) around 20 days before the commencement of internship, we were asked to report at the NALSA Office at Jamnagar House, Shahjahan Road by 10:30 am with a Letter Sponsoring your name from the Head of the institution.

The briefing began by 11:30, till all the interns turned up. We were showed a presentation on National Legal Services Authority and way the Legal Aid mechanism works in our country under Legal Services Act.

Main Tasks

The NALSA Internship is both field and office internship. In the first two days of our internship we were given petitions to read and note down the suggestions and plan of action for the same. Also, we were given a topic and one scheme of NALSA and in groups of 2-3 were asked to prepare presentation on the same.

After a week, we were transferred to the Delhi State Legal Services Authority for our field visits, wherein everyday 10am-1am we were supposed to visit the proceedings of different courts, tribunals, mediation centres, juvenile boards and observation homes. After that, we had to do our research work, which could be done from the office or our homes.

DSLSA asked us to prepare another presentation and a flyer in group of 2 on one topic such as Povert Alleviation Schemes, Juvenile Justice Act etc.

Work Environment and People

Luckily, I had some 19 odd fellow interns from law colleges across the country who were very nice and we gradually developed a sense of unity (which is really needed for a successful NALSA Internship). Some of the local Delhi-ites took us to nice restaurants and cafes nearby.

G.B Ravichandran Sir who was our incharge in NALSA Office, is one gem of a person. He used to regularly turn up in the conference room and ask us if we are facing any problem and really did guide us throughout.

Best Things

You get a chance to visit places such as Parliament Of India, Tihar Jail, Delhi High Court, Juvenile Justice Board etc and being in first year you really get an insight about how the mechanism of legal aid works in the country.

Worst Things

Sometimes, the court/board/tribunal you had to visit did not receive any authority letter from DSLSA or sometimes due to permissions issues, we had to sit for long outside the concerned office and wait for hours so that our work starts.

As every day we had to visit a different court/tribunal, travelling was hectic and the Delhi summers added to the woes.

Although, as a law student, you don’t get a chance to learn a lot.



Biggest Lessons

As a law student just in your first year you understand some grass root level knowledge and you are able to see what is there for you five years down the lane. Also, you meet a lot of lawyers, who share with you their valuable experience and insights about how the law works actually.

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