Internship Experience @ National Legal Services Authority Delhi & Buxar: Visits to Jails, Courts, Children’s Homes


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Asif Ali, a 1st year, Chanakya National Law University, Patna.


I’ll be sharing my internship experience at National Legal Services authority. In short it is also known as NALSA. NALSA was constituted by the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987. Its main aim is to provide legal aid to the weaker section of the society, so that no person is denied of justice because of his poverty or any other social evil causes.


My internship period was from 4th of June, 2018 to 27th of June, 2k18.

How to apply

The process to apply at NALSA is via email. One may mail one’s CV, cover letter and letter of recommendation at

I had sent my mail on 25th of April. So, you can understand that you should send your mail quite earlier otherwise it may become as if justice delayed is justice denied.

Internship phases

The provision for doing internship at NALSA is quite different. It is divided into 3 phases. In the 1st part you will be required to complete internship at district level of your choice for about 10 days. I chose Buxar district as it is my hometown and also for the sake of convenience.

The 2nd part is compulsory to do internship with Delhi State Legal Service Authority for about 5 days.

And the last part is to complete internship at NALSA for 3 days. Let’s start internship experience from district level.

First day formalities

On 4th of June my journey for doing internship started. I was required to do my internship at district legal services authority from 4th of June to 14th of June. As per the mail I visited at the Buxar District Legal Services Authority office at 10:30 am. There I met with the staffs of DLSA. They were all very friendly and cooperative.

Main tasks

On the second day I met with the secretary of Buxar District Legal services Authority. I also participated in the plantation programme of World Environment Day along with Judges of various ranks. I was also able to take a corner in the local newspaper of Prabhat Khabar on the very next day.

My schedule for different days was prepared. Different panel lawyers for different visits for various days were provided for me. I made a visit at 3 different jails i.e., central jail, open jail and women jail. I also made a visit at Child Welfare Committee, Children’s Home, District Courts, Juvenile Justice Board, etc.

Thereafter, after successfully completing my internship at district I said goodbye to all the staff of Buxar District Legal Services Authority. On 16th of June after celebrating Eid I boarded on to my train for Delhi the same evening.

My internship at Delhi State Legal Services Authority was started from 18th of June and completed on 22nd of June. During this period of time we were required to spend 2 days at SPYM, near Mukherjee Nagar Police Stations, 2 days for doing survey at Jahangpuri and 1 day visit at Mandoli Jail.

Thereafter, from 25th of June to 27th of June we were required to report at NALSA. During these days, we spent our 1st day at Indian Law Institute. On 2nd day we were taken to the visit of Gurgaon Jail.

Finally, on the last day we were at Indian Law Institute. During these 3 days we were provided lunch as well as snacks. There we had an interactive secession with 2 judges who were the head of NALSA. And finally, the NALSA members congratulated us all by giving our respective certificates.

Overall experience

In a concluding paragraph I want to say that my overall experience was very good as well as encouraging. I went to grass root level and observed the actual implication of laws which is quite different from those which we beautifully study in our law books.

While interning at district level I got a very special privilege of meeting and interacting with all the concerned officers and clearing my doubts as I was the only intern there. At every visit I was greeted with a warm welcome. They all were very happy and at the same time surprising too by coming to know about me as I belong to a small district Buxar and a law student who is interested in the legal field. This gave me a very motivating power to move ahead.

Therefore, I would recommend all the law students who are wishing to do internship at NALSA to choose their own district as per  the schedule.


Disclaimer: Internship Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship. We also do not edit internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern's voice remains intact.

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