Internship Experience @ National Legal Service Authority [NALSA], New Delhi: Visits to Parliament, Tihar Jail

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National Legal Service Authority (NALSA), New Delhi

Application Process

To apply for internship at NALSA one needs to send the cv with cover letter to “[email protected]” or give the same personally at their office at 12/11 Jam Nagar, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi- 110011. But most of the students come there through personal contacts.

Duration of internship and timings

30th June, 2015 – 20th July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Jam Nagar is a hub of different government institutions and NALSA is one of them. The office is a single floor building with most of the rooms air conditioned. The interns were seated at the conference room which was decent enough.

On the first day after waiting for two and a half hour we were given an orientation about our internship, that was the only thing that was done on the first day. And though most of the interns came in formals but formals weren’t mandatory.

Main tasks

On the first week we had to review some petitions received by NALSA from people who needed legal aid.

After the that we mostly made visits to places like parliament, supreme court, tihar jail, police station, district court, high court, juvenile justice board and few more.

Work environment and people

We mostly made visits to places so didn’t see work environment as such but while we were reviewing petitions on the first week, all the interns used to sit alone in the conference room, so we didn’t meet any employee from the office.

Best things

1. Mr. G B Ravichandran, under secretary at NALSA, who planned our internship was very sweet, calm, and approachable to every intern.

2. The location of the office was such that we could commute to any place very easily.

3. Attendance and timing were no issues.

Bad things

1. Except the parliament and supreme court visits, all other visits were planned by Delhi Legal Service Authority, and we had to travel on our own.

2. Nobody from DSLA or NALSA ever accompanied us to our visits, few of the institutions didn’t even know that we were visit them.



Biggest Lessons

According to me this internship is the best internship for the first year students as its not too much towards the theoretical side of law which the first years students know very less.

I got to know about the functioning of certain institution, which I believe is very important for our career and I believe that was the biggest lesson.


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