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Internship Experience @ National Legal Service Authority, Delhi: Visits to Supreme Court, Tihar Jail

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National legal service authority

Application Process

To apply at NALSA one needs to either mail their CV to [email protected] or directly hand it over at the office. NALSA offers internship two times in a year, May-June-July (summer internship) and December- January (winter internship). One needs to apply well in advance to make sure that they get the desired batch for internship.

Duration of internship and timings

I interned at NALSA from 30th June, 2015 to 20th July, 2015 (summer internship)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Interns were given an orientation on the first day by Mr. GB Ravichandran who is a very sweet person, works as an under secretary at NALSA, and all interns used to work under him. We did not get much work to do on the first day or even on other days. 😛

The office is very much like what everybody imagines a government office to be like, its a single floor building with plenty of rooms in it, messed up with files. The interns were supposed to sit in the conference which was fully air conditioned. The office only had a pantry which did not have much to offer so interns usually would go out some where to eat.

Main tasks

In the first week we mostly sat idle, we had to write our opinion about some petitions received by NALSA but that was not too much work. We were taken to parliament for visit at the end of first week which was very nice experience as it was my first visit to parliament.

From the second week onward we used to go on visit to certain places according to our schedule as planned by DSLSA (Delhi state legal service authority) like high court, juvenile justice board, district court, lok adalat, tihar jail, supreme court and few more.

Work environment and people

We had to work directly under Mr G.B Ravichandran but it was for a week only, in the rest internship we worked under DSLSA but only made vists to places that they had put in our schedule.

Best things

Best thing for me was the visit supreme court and watching it’s proceeding live in court, it was brilliant. Even the canteen at supreme court was great, it serves a variety of delicious food at cheap price.

Bad things

While making all these visits we had to reach to very place by our self.



Biggest Lessons

I believe that institution like NALSA works at grass root level of legal fraternity and understanding and experiencing its working was the biggest lesson.

Any Other Thing

NALSA is the best place to intern for anybody in their first year.

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