Internship @ National Insurance Company, Kolkata: Tons of Experience


There are very few options for internship available to a student after completion of the first semester. An NGO is the preferred choice.

However, the insurance offices form a viable avenue as well. I chose the National Insurance Company Ltd. Head Office in Kolkata.

They take in interns only on reference. Find out more about the organization here.

Office Location. Accommodation.

The NIC Head Office is located at 3, Middleton Street, just a street away from the iconic Park Street and a few blocks away from the Victoria Memorial.

I was staying at my maternal-uncle’s place.

However, PGs are available in Bansdroni and Garia areas of South Kolkata. Both areas have metro stations- Masterda Surya Sen and Kavi Nazrul respectively- and one ought to get down at the ‘Maidan’ station from where the office is just 50 steps away, literally.

First Day.

The first day at NIC, I reached ahead of the scheduled meeting with the Chief-Legal officer, along with my senior who was interning here as well.

We were then each asked to talk about Alternative Dispute Resolution and Public Interest Litigation. Our thoughts on the Justice Ganguly issue were also asked.

We were then introduced to our supervisors who were to guide and monitor our progress during the duration of internship.


Office hours are from 10 am-5 pm, but was kept flexible for us. Lunch break for an hour from 1-2 pm was allowed.

Work. Work Atmosphere.

We were asked to read various claims files based on various insurance policies. We debated on the legal aspects of a particular case while discussing, and we didn’t feel like outsiders. Our opinion was respected and heard very patiently.

The NIC office environment was pretty much what one should expect in a government office. However, its the personal attention that one gets and the experiences garnered over the 4 weeks that matters.

All our doubts were taken care of, and the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 were taught at depth synonymously in the context of the case files.

On our final day, we were asked to submit an internship report based on all the claim files that we went through and a brief legal opinion of each case.

All in all, National Insurance Company Ltd., NIC, has the perfect setting for one to grasp the finer nuances of law- drafting, pleading and how  lawyers are consulted before various legal agencies such as the State/National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission or the Supreme Court, are approached for appeal or filing a case within the time of limitation as applicable.

No Stipend, but tonnes of experience. It more than makes up for the absence!


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