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Internship Experience @ National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), New Delhi: Field Visits & Theory Sessions on Human Rights


Hitesh Sharma


National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)

Manav Adhikar Bhawan Block-C, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi – 110023

Application Process

Application are well invited by NHRC, New Delhi Twice in a year.

It is a summer Internship Programme and Winter Internship programme for which the applications are invited in the month of April and November respectively.

After downloading the Application form the applicant has to fill it properly and attested by the respective HOD with the 500 words statement of their reason for application.

For Application form and further notification u may check the website HERE.


I have done my internship in winter.

Dec 22, 2014 – Jan 20, 2015

First Day

On the very first day as i never saw the Institute, I was confused to reach thn I call to Dr S K jain sir (coordinator) who guide me for the route and thn I reached.

As we know like all government office it was also but surprised to see that how well maintained and furnished it was.

After entrance I meet some students and who are now my good friends.

We register our name on the ground floor and thn we shifted towards the 2nd floor where in a hall their was some more students and we got to interact with each other.

After this Sir J S Kochher and S K jain sir welcomed we all and gave brief introduction about the internship and with this we have provide a Bag, Notebook, Human Rights Bare Act, pen etc.

Then we fill a form and we have alloted an ID card, Library card etc.

The happy moment was that we got three coupn for Lunch and two time tea snacks.

The whole day was full of excitement and One introduction session.

Main tasks

The task was over the issues of Human Rights and there was topic which were selected by the students itself for their project work.

The students were divided in a team of 5 students and there was total 10 team with the 10 Topic.

Me, Amit, Bhavani, Sudheer and Papaiah was in a team and we started our work over the issue of Elder Persons Right.

Apart from the main PROJECT work we have done Book Review, Submit State presentation, Visited Jail, Police station, Bal Sahyog an NGO and in last gave presentation over the respective topic.


The environment of the office was amazing.

The staff members were very much cooperative and helpful.

Especially Our Coordinator Dr. S K Jain sir who were strict with we people but from his soul he is too good.

He would guide us, direct us and motivate us.

In the last their was am Environment of Friends, o my god I blessed that I was the part of such a great people who are my friends now because they were so cooperative, fun loving and helpful.

We had number of Sharings with each other, games, study ,singing etc.

Best things

The best thing that I feel was the combination of Field visit and Theory sessions about the Human Rights issue with lunch and tea break.

As it was a royal chance for me to speak in front of such a Dignitaries in the valedictory function at Vigyan Bhawan.

Bad things

I didn’t find any bad thing


Rs 8000/- as I was not from Delhi, as it varies along with travel reimbursement.

Biggest Lessons

The internship itself was a biggest lesson for me as I came across and meet with the student from all the region of my country.

I got to know that how we all are human beings from different regions are looking for the Same RIGHTS.

Any Other Thing

This one month internship was a real life changer for me as I learnt alot from the Great Faculty and from my friends.

I told you plz try for this internship and you will realize that how the whole India would be with in the wall of one room with such a great atmosphere.

In last I want to say that I was lucky enough that I got a chance to speak and expressed my experience of such a beautiful journey in front of Justice K G Balakrishnan in valedictory function and got best wishes from all.c

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