Internship Experience @ National Green Tribunal, Bhopal [NGT]: Attend Proceedings, Make Briefs

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NGT bhopal. The office of the National Green Tribunal is on the 3rd floor of the State Information Commission Bhawan. The team comprises of a big administrative unit and there is one Judge and one Expert member (environmentalist) for the judicial proceedings and one managing director of the tribunal.

Application Process

The application has to be submitted to the Registrar or Managing director of the tribunal.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks. 6 days a week. Morning 10- Evening 5 and there is a lunch break at 1.30 after the court proceedings.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

One is expected to wear formals in the office and it is important to be on time.

One is suppose to bring their recommendation letter provided by the University and submit it in the office.

Main tasks

The main task is to attend the proceedings of the tribunal and make brief of the proceedings and go through the case files.

You will have to make a report on topics that will be allotted to you by the judicial member of the tribunal.

Work environment and people

Work environment is very professional.

A lot depends on the judicial member presiding the bench.

During my internship justice Dalip singh and expert member P S Rao was heading the tribunal and was very insightful and helpful, the managing director is a strict person and is very strict about the timings.

Best things

Good internet connectivity and air conditioned campus.

The court proceeding were really interesting especially because you get to hear not just the judicial approach but the expert member’s advice as well and get a clear understanding regarding the functioning of law and environment together.

The judicial head took us all out for dinner and outside the office, all the members were real fun to be with and made us all feel very welcomed.

Bad things

The managing director can be a little too strict at times especially about discipline.

Since the National Green Tribunal is new to the idea of internship, you often have to make efforts to get work.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

For me, the biggest lesson was regarding punctuality. Once, during the internship, the managing director called us all in his cabin and gave a good half an hour lecture over the importance of punctuality in judiciary.

I made a point after that to always be on time which helped me in my further internships as well. The judicial member is a very warm person, he treated us all very well, and also a very transformational judiciary person and spending time with such people often provides you a good insight of the judiciary of this country.

He used to take our opinions over some particular case that is going on in the court at the moment and implement our views as well and it was sheer happiness to get compliments from the elderly person.

Any Other Thing

Working in such an organization gives you a broad understanding as to how the burden of the judiciary can be shifted which is a major issue now. Especially for a first year student it can be a really good firsthand experience of court proceedings and case files.

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