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Internship @ National Commission for Women, Delhi: There really is a lot to learn


Name. College

Samarth Trigunayat, Chanakya National Law University, Patna, III Semester

Name of Organisation

National Commission for Women


29th May to 19th June, 3 weeks


The application procedure is very simple. A mail containing your CV and a cover letter can be sent to [email protected]. The interested students can apply for minimum 3 weeks internship.

The working days were Monday to Friday and the working hours were different for different cells, maximum being 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.


NCW provided no accommodation. It was all arranged by me, myself. I stayed at a PG in Preet Vihar, which was at a distance of 15 minutes from the office. As the office is situated near Pragati Maidan Metro Station (Blue Line), hence any place within the radius of 7 km would be good, the best alternatives being Laxminagar and Preet Vihar.


National Commission for women is a government organization constituted by the National Commission for Women Act, 1990. It deals with the problems faced by the women in our country and provides all forms of aids to them.

The present office of National Commission for Women is on rental basis and is situated at Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi. However the new building is being constructed where the office will be shifted soon.

The office is decent with a good ambience. The office is fully air conditioned and pleasant, which makes it quite suitable for working.

On the first floor there is a small conference hall, where all the meetings, conferences, etc. of NCW take place. The conference hall is well equipped with all the latest technologies. There is a library which is well equipped with good books, journals, magazines, etc. based basically on women.

There is an IT department, which is basically there to look after all the online databases of the Commission. There are separate cabins of all the members of the NCW.

The rooms of members are well equipped with latest security technology. Only the authorized people through their finger prints can enter the rooms of the members. On the second floor all the various cells are there which work in respective areas.

As such there are no formalities on the first day. The interns are only required to submit their recommendation letters from the college and then can straightaway start working in their respective cells.

However, they may ask the interns to visit the library and read up the National Commission for Women Act, in order to know about NCW and the way it functions.

NCW is basically divided into 4 Cells.

  1. Non Residential Indian Cell (NRI Cell)
  2. Complaint & Investigation Cell (C&I Cell)
  3. Legal Cell
  4. Research Cell

Depending upon the CV, we are allotted cells. It is completely their discretionary power to allot us Cell. I was allotted C&I Cell.

The basic work of the C&I Cell is to directly interact with the aggrieved parties, listen to their complaints and then register them. Interns are also allowed to directly converse with the complainants. By this we come to know about their problems and it is very much practical.

This in turn helps a lot in gaining experience. After registration of the complaints, the C&I cell is supposed to file a BTR, i.e., Brief Transmission Report, which basically includes the summary of the case and is directed to the authorities concerned in the case.

For example, it can be sent to the local inspector of the police of the area of the complainant, or to the District Magistrate of that area, or to the Superintendent of Police, etc. Then ATR, i.e. Action Taken Report is filed by this Cell, which basically seeks for the report of actions taken by the respective authorities in the concerned case.

From the C&I Cell, few complaints are also passed on to the Legal Cell, where all the legal aspects of the case are taken into consideration. The legal cell also prepares articles, commentaries etc.

Research Cell basically deals with research work. This cell analyzed all the aspects of the case and then submits its report stating remedies and suggestions.

The work of NRI Cell is same as that of C&I cell, but it works for NRI women only. During my internship, field work was also a part of our schedule. But, due to the high temperature and excessive heat in Delhi, it was suspended.

So, there’s actually work for everyone, whether you’re good at dealing with people computer or good at analyzing the legal aspects of any issue or are a good researcher.

Lunch hour is also provided. It is between 1:30 and 2:30. It is basically the time to socialize, though the friendly banter continues throughout the day.

The environment is very healthy, because most of the counselors and interns are very young, upbeat and spirited.

The counselors are very helpful people and if you are willing to learn, you should have no problem.

Best Things

The best thing about the place was that there was variety of work to do. I had a lot to learn and enjoy at the internship.

The working hours are perfect even for the outsiders and after working whole day they can go and chill out at the nearby places in the evening. As NCW is located at the center of the Capital, conveyance facility was available for nearly everywhere.

Moreover, Saturdays and Sundays off give us enough time to rest and celebrate weekends.

Bad Things

As such there was no bad thing about the internship. Yet sometimes the temperature of Delhi made it hard for me to work. So it is advised that opt for winter internships at NCW rather than summer.

The impressive location of the office made it feasible for me to visit most of the tourist spots of Delhi. From delicious paranthas of Paratha wali Gali, to the pleasant ambience of Hauz Khas Village, in my free time, I enjoyed everything in Delhi with my colleagues.

Most of the interns were from law schools sharing a lot in common so we all had great fun together by organizing various trips on weekends and pizza parties at the nearby outlets.


NCW does not have a policy of paying their interns. As far as I know, all the internships are unpaid.

This place may not provide us with stipends but the experience which it gives is literally awesome. Apply only if you have interest in learning new things and you want to work for the welfare of women. Hard work is acknowledged and there really is a lot to learn.

By the end of the month, you will have learnt how to file BTRs, ATRs, arrangement of complaints, categorization of the cases, etc. I think 3-4 weeks is not much to pay for this experience.

NCW is basically a Government Commission but the way it resolves the problems through mediation, negotiation etc is remarkable, and its efficiency is far better than most other Government organizations.

I would rate the experience 7.5/10.

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