Internship Experience @ Nanavati and Nanavati Advocates, Ahmedabad: Helpful Associates, Litigation Work

College. Year.

National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Second Year.

Name of Organisation. Location (City). Team Strength.

Nanavati and Nanavati Advocates. Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

It is a firm headed by Sudhir Nanavati and managed by his son, Mr. Devang Nanavati. It is divided into a litigation and a non-litigation department.

My internship was with the litigation department which comprised of 6 partners and a number of associates.

Note: Please be careful not to confuse this with Nanavati & Nanavati Associates, a firm managed by Pranit Nanavati. This firm is known for their excellence in IPR issues. It’s a commonplace to confuse both of these.

Application Process

I applied by writing to them on and repeated follow-ups via phone. You can call them up on 079-26841602.

Then, Mr. Devang Nanavati shall push for a meeting with a recommendation letter from the respective university.

Since, I was in Bangalore my father went to meet him and it sufficed. This is NOT an interview for disqualification and is merely a meeting, they are very open to interns.

Duration of Internship and Timings

I interned for a period of 28 days, beginning from January 28 to February 24, 2015. The timings were:

Weekdays: 10:00 am onwards till you finish off the work assigned.

Saturdays: 1:00pm to 5:00pm

The timings for the court on the weekdays would be 10:30am to 5:00 pm

I usually left by 7:00 pm on weekdays. There are as such no fixed timings for interns.

First impression. First Day Formalities. Infrastructure.

Nanavati and Nanavati advocates is a well-furnished and renowned law firm in Ahmedabad. There is a decent library and databases to assist in the research work. The interns and the partners share a common working area.

The partners are very helpful, they answer each query with patience and ease. There is a coffee machine open to use by interns, associates and partners likewise.

There are as such no first day formalities. Mr. Devang Nanavati shall introduce you to one of his partners and you can begin work with them. They ask you to send them a scanned copy of your CV, Address proof, College Id and Contact details on the first day of the internship.

They shall manage for your transportation to the High Court and Back.

Main Tasks

High Court Visits: The only short-coming of any law school curriculum is the inability to grant an insight into the practical world of litigation. The daily HC visits taught me how the court functions.

The adjournment of cases is in bulk, reasons being lack of evidential proof to a lethargic lawyer. Understanding the calling out of matters and the judge’s approach to them comprise an important part of the field of litigation.

Each judge has his own style and biases, for which the lawyers needs to mould themselves to ensure that their tasks are completed successfully. Viewing the proceedings in the courts of the Chief Justice, Single benches, Division and Three judge benches also comprised a part of my internship experience.

Disposal of cases, dictation of Judgements, write petitions, presence of the accused, criminal, civil, family law cases and a whole plethora of cases were discussed in open court and were quite intruding.

My main task during these visits was to observe the proceedings of the court and focus on the aspects of self-learning. I believe that there is a direst need to ensure a significant halt in the adjourning process in the court.

Analyzing case matters: A few cases which had come to the firm and were pending were handed to me for reading.

While reading the files that had been deposited in the registry I gathered the procedure of writing a memorial and additional documents that need to be attached to substantiate the file such as affidavits and the evidences.

Each of these governmental evidences have to be certified by the notary. Evidence pertaining to the minutest details have to be attached. The pleadings made have to be mentioned in a precise and compressed manner.

No appeal for the lack of evidence and on mere contemplations can be made. Adani’s were a regular client to Nanavati Advocates, so, I got a chance to read cases worth crores of rupees at stake as well.

Researching and reading case laws: Quite a few times I was given case laws to read and discuss the arguments advanced along with the ratio. The process of looking for them in books and research databases was a huge learning experience within itself.

While reading them, various interpretations of the statutes were explained to me. I was also given the task of looking for case laws with a particular ratio to substantiate their cases. The research involved was tough and I began from a clueless intern to understanding case laws merely by reading head-notes.

Backing statements with case laws on aspects of law which do not have specific commentaries on them can be a tough task.

The major focus of the internship is to give the intern an idea on the proceedings of the court. Since this was my first court internship, I was really excited about the idea of visiting the court itself.

Research is carried out in the post-court hours. Work is never assigned to you and you need to ask for it. Though, they shall be ever-so willing to assist you.

Work Environment and People

I was made to work under one of the partners of Mr. Nanavati, i.e. Saurabh Mehta. He assigned tasks well within the reach of a second year student and was the main reason for my internship being an exciting experience each day. I was never given any deadlines or forced to work.

The entire environment of the office focused on “work with heart and not coercion”. All the associates and partners and very friendly and instantaneously make you comfortable.

Though, I was the lone intern, not for a moment did I feel bored or left-out. Saurabh sir answered every bit of my question with utmost patience and tolerance.

All in all it was a fun internship and a good learning experience into the practical legal world, for a second year student visiting the court and reading files for the first time.

In case you are looking for something more substantial or want to assist in legitimate research I suggest look for another place. One year from now, if I look back, I would not even consider going to that place for an internship.

Best Things

The HC visits and reading the files related to the cases handled by the firm. Watching Sudhir Sir argue his side in court was a gem of an experience.

Bad Things

I would have appreciated if we had a few interactive sessions with Devang Sir also. After a while merely observing the court proceedings became a monotonous process.



Biggest Lesson

Litigation is lots of reading, hard work, toil and experience. There is no way a lawyer can shy away from slogging.


I live in Ahmedabad. So, I stayed at home . I do not have any idea about PG accommodation in the area.

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  1. hello sir, myself Sunny saikia . I’m pursuing bcom,LLB and this is my last semester. Sir, i want to join your guidence as a form of internship. As i’m whole new born baby to law field, please suggest mee to reach to your door . You are my mentor and i want to be your student die-hardly.

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