Internship Experience @ Justice N. Kumar, Bangalore

Name of the person interned under. 

Hon’ble Justice N. Kumar, Bangalore


November 25 – December 20, 2013. 4 weeks. Mon- Fri (You might be called on a non-working day in case there is some urgent work required). Timings are 10.00am- 6.00pm.

The office environment was relaxed and comfortable. We were asked to stay back only once.

Location/Team Size

The office is situated in Karnataka High Court opposite Vidhana Soudha.

Application process

I applied to the Registrar General of the Karnataka High Court by sending him my Cover Letter and CV.

This was sent to Registrar General, High Court of Karnataka, High Court Buildings, Opp. to Vidhana Saudha, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-560 001

First impression

I arrived at 9.30 on the first day, half an hour before I was supposed to arrive. I went to the Registrar General’s office where I was given a 2 copies of the same notice stating my name, period of internship and under whom I was interning.

Then I was shown to the Hon’ble Judge’s chambers where I was supposed to give one of the copies of the said notices to the PA.

I met with the 3 PA’s who worked under Sir, and they were very warm and welcoming. You could go to them about any doubt you had and regarding any other problem with the internship or anything else.

I also had one co-intern and another Legal Assistant-cum- Researcher working alongside me.

Main task

The tasks assigned to the Interns were primarily research based tasks. From the first day onwards, the interns were supposed to sit in the Court proceedings and make extensive notes about the arguments in different matters that were put forth.

At the end of the day, we could go to Sir’s office and discuss on any of the cases that we were interested in and take home any work that would be given to us based on the discussions we had.

Our tasks also included researching on recent case law pertaining to certain judicial questions that were brought up during the court proceedings.

These were generally a bit tougher since the research questions would not classify as conventional research questions.

Work environment

The work environment was highly professional. At the end of each day a question was asked to the interns and they were expected to submit a written answer to that based on the extensive research work that was required.

Sir would make it a point to go through what was submitted to him and ask us questions based on that.

Also, if we had any doubt with respect to the questions, we could always approach Sir whenever he was relatively free and discuss the matter with him. He would always clear your doubt and make sure that we had understood what we were supposed to work upon.

Also, more work was given to us if we asked. All the people who worked under Sir were busy and we wouldn’t be given any work unless we asked for it. So make sure that at the end of the day, you go and talk to Sir and all the others and ask for work. There is no dearth of work if you take the responsibility of doing it.

Best things

The best thing about this internship was the fact that although the interns had to make notes about all kinds of cases during the Court proceedings, we could choose a case of our liking and work with that in depth.

We were given the freedom to choose the topic under which we would be given extensive research work which had to be carried out diligently.

Sir took a keen interest in the work that was submitted to him on almost a daily basis, so you knew that you had to give him work that was at par with his immense knowledge and up to his standards.

Bad Things

On the down side, there were times when no one had any work to give you. Also, some days in the court hall, the proceedings seemed to carry on forever.

Stipend/ month



I have a home in Bangalore. But there were a lot of PG’s available nearby. Also, it is very well connected by buses through the huge majestic Bus Stand. It is not feasible for people to travel by autos as the prices are through the roof. Better make yourself familiar with the bus routes.

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