Internship Experience @ MV Kini & Co, Pune: Strict Environment, Stipend of Rs. 2400/Month

Name of Organisation, City?

MV KINI & CO, Pune

Duration of internship? 

4 weeks

How big was the office? Team Strength?

MV Kini & Co has 7 lawyers & 1 branch manager. The office was a simple and a humble one not too small and not to big either.

Application Procedure? Internship contact details?

Personal visit and hand delivered letter.

Timings? Number of working days per week?

9:00 AM to 6:30 PM. 6 days in a week are working.

Accommodation: how? where? reviews?

I live in Pune, so I didn’t have any problems. However, it’s very easy to find accommodation in the city 🙂

First Impression? First day? Formalities?

No formalities, the manager calls you in the cabin and allots you a lawyer under whom you will have to work. My first impression- being on time every day.

P.S. the office accepts only 1 intern at a time.

Main Tasks?

1) Writing and preparing mails to be sent to the clients

2) Case law research

3) Drafting

Work environment? People?

MV Kini’s office is a bit strict on timing and the work given to the interns but everyone is cheerful and always willing to help.

Best things?

Very helpful staff and lawyers they never refuse to help and are always supporting

Things that could’ve been better?

MV Kini’s office is too strict, so you feel the pressure from the manager.

So the strictness level should go down.

What did you do to chill? co-interns?    

Since MV Kini mostly accepts only 1 intern at a time so you will alone however you can chill with the lawyers though there are three fast food outlets that offer food at reasonable rates.


Rs. 2400

Biggest lessons?

You visit courts so you actually learn to deal with court clerks and stubborn clients.


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