Internship Experience @ Advomate, Mumbai: Great Exposure in Legal Drafting

Name, College, Year of Study

Ronak Arora, Rizvi Law College, 2nd Year



Type of Organisation

Advomate is a legal start-up.

Application and Duration

I interned at Advomate for a period of 2 months, from 1st February, 2017 to 31st March, 2017.  At the end, I was given a certificate.

The application process was simple, I sent a mail to [email protected] along with the CV, requesting an internship. I got a response within 7-10 days and had to give a short informal telephonic interview, following which I was selected.

First Impression and Work Environment

As such, the work environment is relatively relaxed when compared to a law firm. The people are friendly and supportive, and will explain every single doubt to you very patiently.

Main tasks

I was given some research to do, and a lot of drafting. I drafted about 10 legal documents during my internship. I was given work to do and a deadline to send it within, after which my work was evaluated, and I made the necessary changes.

Best things

My areas of interest were taken into consideration and I was allotted work accordingly.

Also, the positive work environment was very helpful, and I was taught from the very basics. This definitely helped hone my language and drafting skills.

Bad things

None as such.

Biggest Lessons

The fact that you should ask each and every doubt you have, no matter how small, because this place will definitely help you. I got an opportunity to read a lot and learn legalese, with drafting exposure, something most law firms don’t offer to interns.


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