Internship Experience @ Advocate Rajeeve Mehra, Delhi High Court: Good Work Environment {S}


Amit Ranjan. Jaipur National University.

Lawyer. City.

Advocate Rajeeve Mehra. Additional Solicitor General. Delhi.

Application Procedure.

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I was referred here through a personal contact.

However, one can apply directly in his office.

Address for correspondence: B-57 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024

Email –

I was staying with my brother, so I didn’t face an problem in terms of accommodation.

But one can easily find a PG or a hostel in Lajpat Nagar, which is near Defence Colony.

First Day.

On my first day, I directly met my mentor Mr Ashish Virmani, Advocate who was also a briefing counsel to Mr Rajeeve Sir.

He made me feel comfortable and said, “feel free to ask me anything related to the issue.” It was my pleasure working with him.

There were many other associates working there.

I found that everyone has unique style of working and all of them were undoubtedly very professional, though helpful and friendly at the same time.

Main tasks.

The major tasks assigned was drafting such as making short submissions of a case, briefing cases to the counsels and loads of research work.

There were around 20-30 fresh cases each day.

I used to directly report to High Court after which I was made to keep an eye on the display board for reminding them that the particular case is going to be heard in so and so room.

After court, I used to directly go to Sir’s office in Defence Colony where my tasks were finding judgments relevant to case, filling the last dated orders in the matters for the coming day, attending briefing conferences and making notes.

Best part was working under every associates, which strengthened my work experience.

Also, I learnt that until and unless you are not confident enough to express yourself, it is difficult to succeed in this field.

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