Internship Experience @ Mody and Mody Advocates, Gwalior: Read Case Files, Observe Court Proceedings

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Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Mody and Mody Advocates, Gwalior, MP

Application Process with contact details

I got this internship through my personal relations but still you can send your CV along with the cover letter to [email protected]

Website is HERE.

Duration of Internship and timings

1st June – 21st June, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On my first day, I had an interaction with the head of the firm i.e. Ankur mody sir. Later one of the associate under him assigned me the work after introducing me to the other associates there at the office body.

The office is good, spacious.

Main tasks

The main task was to read case files, to operate their own system. On the very first date they have given me the username and password for their data base program on which i have been given the task to fill the information of every cases they take.

The associates in the office were really friendly, the atmosphere was healthy. As I was in my first year when I interned so they taught me the basics of how to file a case and the things related to it.

I also accompanied them to district courts and high court. There I was asked to observe everything, how things work in court.

Work environment and people

Very friendly. I used to ask so many questions to them and each time they used to answer me.

Best things

The location is very nice. It has lots of snacks and tea shops there.

The market is also adjacent to the office.

Bad things

You may feel bored sometimes doing same thing again and again.

But depends on you how to utilize your time



Biggest Lessons

Work hard for best results.


You can easily find lots of Pgs and hostels near the office.

Office Timings

10 am to 5 pm, in which you get one hour of break for your lunch.

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